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Thread: Help needed. I screwed up my Wifi, lol.

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    Default Help needed. I screwed up my Wifi, lol.
    Hello, my iphone can no longer connect to wifi. I used ziphone to jailbreak my phone which worked wonderfully. After adding many things to my phone with it I added one (can't recall which) that got stuck in the refreshing circle at the springboard (which I changed using summerboard), so I restarted my phone. Ever since I cannot connect to WiFi. I've restored my phone many times, even twice in a row one time. I also reset the network threw settings, and still nothing. I'm out of ideas. Any and all help would be REALLY appreciated seeing that I really miss my WiFi, hah. THANKS!

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    "(users with no IMEI, no WiFi, and/or no baseband may have to boot the phone in restore mode and run ZiPhone with the '-u' option). After that, just follow the on screen instructions."

    see if this helps

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    Thanks for the response... but yeah I truthfully don't know much about ZiPhone, what would I have to do, to do this? Where do I put the -u to turn this option on? Hell I don't even know howto boot the phone in restore mode. Sorry for the hassle, thanks for the help.

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    If you are using the windows version click on the "refurbish" button and then use itunes to restore to 1.1.4 (or whatever) and then use ziphone AGAIN to unlock/jailbreak/activate. This should fix it.

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    honestly, im not even sure what this -u option is either. but what firmware and bootloader were you on, and what are they now?

    hopefully someone else knows how to tackle this problem. sorry

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    Haha, guess I know A LOT less than I thought about comps.

    Posei I have windows XP, and really don't know what the refurbish button is.

    invu I'm on the newest firmware and don't even know what a bootloader is.

    Wow, and I thought I had kinda of an idea what was going on before I came here lol.

    On ziphone I hit "ENTER DFU MODE" then did another restore with itunes. Then ran "FULL AUTOMATIC" with ziphone again, and still no wifi. Hah, kinda depressing.
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    I have this problem too, Im on a back and have no wifi after upgrading. I have tried refurbishing a thousand times, in dfu mode and not, literally everything I can think of and still nothing has gained my wifi back! There are a couple people on other forums with the same please!!!!!

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    LOL well i fixed my problem.
    Went to the YMCA to work out, it auto-picked up their WiFi, came home, input my wifi's password and it worked. Talk about a self-solving problem.

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