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Thread: How to disable Mobile Substrate Extensions?

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    Default How to disable Mobile Substrate Extensions?
    I have been using Skype recently. It doesn't crash, but merely drops calls very often. I have the upgrade of Mobile Substrate that Saurik says works. I know that it is probably another extension in Mobile Substrate that is causing the problems, and people suggest to disable such components. The question I have is how do you disable an extension in Mobile Substrate? The one I have is Ringtoneshook.dylib, which I assume is Skrew's vWallpaper. Do I just uninstall or is there a way to disable in Mobile Substrate without uninstalling?

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    It doesnt have anything to do with mobile substrate extensions, its a known issue by Skype that they are working on, its all over there forum if you check.

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    I have checked, and according to said forums it is certain extensions that do not work well with mobile substrate that are causing skype to mess up. At least that is what Saurik said

    I checked my library and the only other thing using mobilesubstrate was vWallpaper. I wasn't using the program, but apparently Saurik can add that to the list of programs that create issues on Skype using mobile substrate.
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    You could always just use trial and error also... start uninstalling all your mobile substrate apps one by one and whenever the problem goes away you'll know that was the problematic app.

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