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Thread: No sound/Not vibrating

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    Default No sound/Not vibrating
    Can somebody post the contents under the folder System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/


    My iPhone stopped vibrating and making sounds on some of the alerts (i.e. unlock, new message, new mail, keyboard clicks etc.). The vibrating function still works when I have a phone call so I know that it's not a hardware problem.

    Here is a sample of my info.plist under celestial.framework:

     _CFBundleDevelopmentRegion_CFBundlePackageTyp e_CFBundleSignature_CFBundleExecutable_CFBun dleIdentifier_CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion\CFBu ndleName_CFBundleVersionWEnglishTFMWKT????YCeles

    I really don't know how all of the contents under the Celestial.Framework suddenly changed, I only noticed this after I installed iAmp.

    I'm hoping that once I replaced all the files, my phone will ring and vibrate 'normally' again. I'm on 1.0.2, if that helps.

    Anyone willing to help me?

    I've already replaced these two:

    Please... anyone??
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    Angry I have same problem
    I installed iAmp and I regret it!! I hope that program is taken off, it can only kill your 1.1.3 Iphone sounds. First, it makes your iphone speaker quieter than ever. The volume of everything is low. Then you notice that the system sounds disappear. No lock sound, no keyboard clicks etc... Then you also notice that the vibrator only works if you get a call. The switch on the side does not make it work anymore. Then you uninstall and notice that the loudness is just about back but still no system sounds and no vibrations... AND NOW I AM STUCK AND FURIOUS!!!! PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS!!!! IF I CANT THEN PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO REINSTALL 1.1.3 UNLOCKED AND JAILBROKEN WITHOUT HAVING TO DOWNGRADE AND START ALL OVER!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I have over 32 programs and it would be a pain in the a** to have to reinstall everything. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR HELPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUNGRY4CHEESE

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    Oh fixed it with Volume Booster. Another program... I still don't have sound as loud as it was before but at least it works this was.

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    Default no system sounds..
    i had installed iamp on 1.1.4 then i realized i have no systemn sounds.. is there any fix without restoreing i have customized way to much to restore just for sounds @ this point.. anyone know of a fix?

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    Ugh we should file a formal request to remove iAmp off of Installer.

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    Yes, iAmp is bad. I had to restore my iPhone to get sound back.

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