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Thread: Incase Power Slider Battery Image Change?

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    Default Incase Power Slider Battery Image Change?
    Ok well i have an incase power slider case now. And as most of you know it charges your phone/ gives it 2x battery life, blah blah lol.
    Anyway since its charging it comes up with the battery icon/picture and stuff.
    I was wondering if maybe its possible to ssh in and delete the battery stuff or something so it will just show my wallpaper picture?
    But still charge and stuff?
    Maybe a stupid question idk.
    Just wondering.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Hmmm, well you could replace all 17 battery images with your wallpaper image, but it would also show when plugged into the wall, etc charging too.

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    Yeah thats fine.
    Uhm, so every time i wanted to change my battery image i would have to ssh in and put my immage there like resized and stuff?
    So i couldnt delete all the battery images, and the wallpaper would just show up?
    Id have to put the image i want in the battery folder and stuff?

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    Ive never tried just deleting the battery images, you can try it dunno what it would show. If it doesnt work, you'd have to replace em...but you could do that as a winterboard theme, that way it would be alot easier to switch up.

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    alright, ill try it and let you know how it went.

    Where are the battery images located?
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    Inside the folder

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    and whats that inside of lol?

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    Inside of a winterboard theme its


    On the phone its


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    So your saying make a new theme folder then stick the folder in there and then delete the battery files and see if it works that way?

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    No no....only create a new winterboard theme folder if you plan on actually using battery images.

    Thats if deleting the original battery images doesnt work.

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    ohhh haha my bad, alright.

    Yeah it doesnt work lol, it just shows up as a black background lol.
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