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Thread: iTunes super CPU intensive?

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    Default iTunes super CPU intensive?
    Can anyone else comment on the fact that iTunes is just CRAZY intensive with the CPU/memory when its working with the iPhone (syncing specifically)???

    I DO NOT have a very powerful machine at all... It's a Windows XP machine 2.0GHz, on the original 478 single core and about 1.5 gigs of RAM, but I'll be damned if it doesn't frag the hell out of my hard drive.

    Also, whenever iTunes is doing its thing, it's virtually impossible to get iTunes to respond... The machine works well, I can continue to work, and browse, run apps, even watch movies that are pumped out via a TV out on my video card, to my ancient TV.. But iTunes is SO LAGGY...

    Just wanted to try to get a consensus if its how iTunes works the USB bus, or something, but some for instances...

    Clicking on either 'Check for Update', or 'Restore' *whether Ctrl click or regular, it just darkens the button as the programming shows it was clicked, but it doesn't 'unclick'

    Syncing takes nearly 15-20 minutes each time. Not a whole lot changes each time. Is that normal?

    Also, if you click either the 'X' to cancel the sync, or if I 'Slide to Cancel', the PC things its still syncing, for at least 10-15 minutes longer...

    Some times (and this might be a beta 3.0 bug or whatever) but it'll start syncing, and the iPhone then just turns to a battery charging indicator, and eventually turns off. If this is happening, I can actually use my phone if I keep it plugged in, and 10-20 minutes later, I get Sync is complete. Ok to disconnect. How is that normal?!

    Ok... So some of the crazies... Let me tell you what I do know, to keep the obvious at bay.

    I've rebooted phones, and PC's more times than can be counted, that's not it.

    iTunes has been uninstalled, reinstalled, and installed from scratch multiple times. Many different versions as well... 7.4, 7.5, 7.6. 8.0, and even now, I'm running 8.2 (beta for purposes of beta 3.0 #4.

    Windows has been uninstalled and reinstalled more times than can be counted. I believe its either iTunes itself, or my computer...

    FYI, I do have USB 2.0, and all is well on those.... Other webcams, printers, scanners, use them fine...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a million!

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    Your computer only has one CPU. if everything is running fine, your CPU is running fine.

    PS- uninstalling iTunes does not uninstall the iTunes background files.

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    iTunes completely rapes the PC CPU... after I switched to mac, I never notice iTunes running in the background when syncing etc.

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    Interesting - I've never tried it on my Mac (I've never actually turned it on since I had a quick look and couldn't think of anything I could use it for).
    I might try it.

    iTunes really does kill PCs!
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