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Thread: iPhone Reviews = BS

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    Default iPhone Reviews = BS
    OK, i have an iPhone. I bought it from ebay, i unlocked it at 1.1.1 and installed anysim as i thought the contracts being offered made the phone a joke. Using installer i have installed many many useful apps and managed to upgrade my phone to newer firmwares etc etc.

    This is not hard, you do not need to be einstein to do this.

    However, i have friends who say the iPhone is overpriced and a waste of time; "You cant send or recieve MMS", "You have to buy your music", "You can't even video record", it goes on and on.

    Now, the problem is, they say, "look at < m> and look at the reviews on my nokia N95/ sony ericsson w960i and then look at the iPhone reviews, my phone pwns yours!" , and you look, and indeed, the n95 and w960i completely pwn the iphone on every single phone review site i have seen.

    Now, you use their phone, have a little fiddle with it blah blah, its blocky, slow, not as user friendly, just crap compared to the iphone.

    You try and explain the differences, and then try and explain jailbreaking/unlocking and "installer". They don't understand.

    this is just a rant but i wondered if anyone else gets this cause it is doing my head in. i use other phones and then i use my iphone, and all the so called "competitors" to the iphone are quite simply miles and miles away from being even close to as good.

    also, i would love to sit down with the online phone reviewers who mock the iphone for its lack of "video camera", "MMS send/recieve" etc. etc. and say, "if your so clever and up to date with your phones/gadgets why can you not review the iphone with installer installed, with all the 3rd party apps offered??"

    And to the people who say, "i would buy an iphone but there to expensive", dont get one on a friggin contract! Then again, if you think getting the iphone on a contract is the only way to get it, maybe your not ready for it!

    If you agree with this or get any of this at all post a reply, if not just ignore my rant.

    thankyou and goodnight.

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    See, everyone just needs a phone to unleash their anger on. The mobile community likes to unload onto the iPhone, because it's easy to attack. It doesn't have this, that, yadda yadda. I know what you mean, it makes me mad to read these reviews. Most people I bet write reviews for the iPhone like that because they can't afford one themselves so they don't want other people to have a "better" phone than them.

    I've had many phones, and this has been the best phone. All reviews of the iPhone look at are the negative points. People need to start focusing on the positives.

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    I totally agree. IMO, mms is getting old. If you want to send UNLIMITED pics, do it via email! That's why I like the iPhone. I don't have to pay anymore money, so that I can send picture/video/whatever messages... (Yes I know that at&t charges $5.00 of the 'iphone plan' for texting, however it is still more convient to email than text) The sites that review phones just want to put this device down because it's the first. Nokia has made phones forever, as well as SE, but this is the first apple phone so it cannot possibly be as good as the hype. I personally don't care for the UI of both Sony and nokia phones. that's alright though, because unlike other mobile phone makers, ours gives us f/w updates frequently, AND they have new features in each update
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    My only real source of contention over the iPhone is the lack of flash. MMS and video? Trivial as far as i'm concerned.

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    I really like my iPhone and it fits all of my needs.

    Other people are entitled to their opinions on it, but opinions are like arseholes - everybody has one !

    At the end of the day it's not a competition, if it works for you and you like it thats all that matters.

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    I would find any website that rates other phones like the N95 highly suspect and completely biased. Reviewers have a hate on for the iPhone because of its popularity, which makes any new technology a target. I even saw one review that said one of the sore points of the iPhone is that you can't text in the rain. Who the frick does!

    When your friends try to tell you how much better their phones are, just ask for their comments on why the iPhone is now leading the wireless market share in the short period of time its been out. A record I may add. Then watch them stumble and retort with some idiotic response.
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    I've used a lot of phone, and nothing can compar to an unlocked iPhone yet
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    i read some of the comments on the reviewers websites from so called customers and some of the things they write is just unbelievable?!?! i wish i had the time to quote them all right here.

    most things people comment on about the iphone are just uneducated hate. i can deal with this and tell people the simple fixes for stupid things like video recording, MMS etc.

    the one that has really got me though is the whole GPS thing, i can't even argue with that?!?! i mean, not being able to send music over bluetooth, i understand because of itunes legallity. no 3G, i understand because of battery draining, im happy with edge. other than those 2 there is only really 1 other criticism worth mentioning, GPS.

    ive had my iphone for 4 months now. i love it. i have used the latest SE w960i. it sucks. i have used the N95, not even close. i cant see myself ever changing from the iphone for a long time.

    but how can you argue with GPS??

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    How Can You Get An Iphone W/out A Contract?????

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    It really does not matter to us what others think of our phones. If they want to carry an inferior piece of junk then let them do it.

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    They will eventually eat their words. The first Nokia had a calculator display... The first Apple (phone) had a multi-touch display, the first in a mobile phone. Hmm... Ya know?? Seriously though, GPS on a phone really isn't necessary, as it has become a standard in new vehicles. I love how the reviews say: 'No GPS, No 3G = Not revolutionary'. Really though, in order for a device like that to be able to boast a slim figure AND great battery life, it would need to not have 3G. Also, I'd love to see how many people lined up outside of the Nokia store waiting for the N95; I Found a vid on youtube, and the author said that the line was 'down to the end of a block'. GASP! lol . There are just so many people that want to hate this device. They cannot stand the fact that their device got pwn'd by a device with a couple fewer features!
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    i know man, i mean if your reading this and haven't checked out any of the online reviews of the iphone give it a google and let us know what you think of peoples criticism of it. i wonder what the most laughable criticism someone has made is? can't text in rain is pretty bad.....

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    I've been on a forum where a person thought the iPhone flopped in terms of global sales (he thought it was 90 000) I promptly shut him up.
    I have a friend who has an N95 8GB. He screams at how his phone is better because of the camera, but what he doesn't like to mention is that he's had FIVE replacements for the N95 previously because of unprovoked and unrecoverable software and hardware defects. He shut himself up. My girlfriend hates it because she thinks that it gets more attention from me than she does, lol.

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    People who cut down the iPhone are either too cheap too buy one, or too stupid to begin tapping into it's full-blown potential.

    that would be, "too cheap TO buy one..." (self-correcting ranter)
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    def agreed.
    the only thing i'd ever change about the iphone is flash capability.
    other than that, we are def miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to having phones that pretty much let us do anything, once we jailbreak them.

    their phones have limitations too, the only difference is that this phone is actually worth tapping into its full potential...

    and as far as pricing i payed 300 for my iphone, off craigslist. completely brand new, with 1.1.2 installed, and i pay 10 dollars less for the unlimited texting, and internet than i did before when i had a blackjack, on at&t.
    so it doesn't cost more at all.
    jailbroken 1.1.3

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    I think that like was just said before .. Most of my friends that are Verizon .. talk crap about the iphone .. they have no choice ..

    as for the people that say it doesnt have this it doesnt have that .. well you know what ...

    most of there phones dont have a multi touch screen ... big display .... built in ipod .. a real net google maps ...

    so yeah .. from what I have seen ... most people that talk crap about the iphone dont have one ... cause they cant afford it ... or dont know about Jailbreaking and unlocking >..

    but then again thats nothing new .... the world always talks crap about something it has no clue about..

    I have had many many phones in mylife ... normal ones and "smartphones" and I have to say that my iphone is still just as much "fun" as it was the day I got it .

    For some people its just easier tapping buttons and staying in the 80s haha .... these are the same people that will tell you "I see no diffrence in high def displays" yeah ok ...

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    Dont stress the wannabe losers that wish they had an iphone and its true alot of people dont bother to see how important is to the iphone, but that will all change when the sdk comes out and it will be mainstream in the entire publics knownledge and it will be fitted into every review from then on, and when that happens every other cell phone owner will realize how far they really are away from comparing with the iphone..

    “I can’t tell you how huge this is going to be”
    Says David Pogue ( Waxing enthusiastic about the forthcoming iPhone 2.0 software, Pogue explains that following its release, “there will be thousands of iPhone programs, covering every possible interest.” And they’ll be available 24/7 since “Apple will preinstall the iPhone Apps Store right on every phone.” The move will turn iPhone into “an engineering tool, a game console, a free-calls Skype phone, a business tool, a dating service, an e-book reader, a chat room, a database, an Etch-a-Sketch,” and, Pogue predicts “a gigantic success.” [Mar 13, 2008]

    How big can iPhone market become?
    “It’s clear that the platform is gaining momentum,” states Jim Goldman ( Goldman’s comments stem from the revelation this morning that more than “100,000 iPhone developers downloaded the beta version of the SDK in the first four days that it was available.” And to the fact that Intuit, Namco Networks, NetSuite, PopCap, Rocket Mobile, Six Apart, and THQ Wireless have joined Sega,, Electronic Arts, and ePocrates in expressing enthusiasm for the SDK and their interest in creating software for iPhone. [Mar 12, 2008

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    i dont mind the lack of flash seeing as it bogs down the Edge speeds and most flash would be ads that you wouldnt want to see.
    the only options i would wish for would be for a better camera with recording, and MMS. Those will probably be on the next version which i will happily purchase. Remember all of the iphone's competition are in the later generations of the original phone and the iphone is a first gen phone. Imagine the future of this phone especially with the Apps we get.

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    What I think is hilarious most is all the reviewers out there that hate the iphone for whatever reasons they have yet all the cell phone companies out there are now all trying to make products similiar to the iphone isnt that a messed up scenario. THey make fun of it yet they want to be it! its called jealousy apple has developed something so amazing and the software is so well built that theres truly nothing on the market that can compete with this phone when I use my iphone all blackberrys, nokias ect ect look like toys now they look very cheap. They complain how much an iphone costs ummm $399 for an iphone seems pretty good in my eyes when you are forced to pay 399 or more for a blackburry that is **** compared to an iphone with its ugly case and ugly OS.

    Another thing that bothers the hell out of me is when people ask me if an iphone comes with a stylus OMG I hate that question lol its the best part about the phone is the fact it doesnt have one you just use your finger so simple and so genious, people complain the screen gets dirty well guess what reality is **** gets dirty you get dirty and so deos evertything else and just like you clean your self you clean the ******* phone. even phones that you dont touch the screen get filthy and you got to clean this is no different then any other product for cleaning plus you only see the smudged when you look at the phone on an angle if you look at it the way you normally do you barely if ever see your finger smudges.

    MMS, video ect well personally I dont use MMS here in canada this is also very expensive to use and no one uses this feature, video yes that would be nice but we all know this will come out in the future for the iphone if you go to the apple website they are looking for people who can develop for the iphone that know how to make video applications.

    The iphone is so ahead of its time that no reviewers and other companies dont know how to handle it the bar has been put so high for future products to stop looking like toys and more like something you want to hold in your hand. the N95 lol wow it has every feature built into it well the UI sucks and its builky and ugly and looks like a toy compared to the iphone.

    The other thing when theres something truly amazing like Apple theres always a core of people who dont like change and stick with things like microsoft they dont like apple because apple is popular from there cool designs and powerfull OS.

    The important thing is as much as theres a group of haters theres even more groups of people who love the phone and it shows cause the iphone is already one of the leading competitors for selling phones which is truly amazing apple never even was planning on taking as much of the market as they did. I hope and know apple will continue to inivate us on new technology and we will always be amazed Apple is my favourite company for technology and I am sticking with them regardless if people agree with me or not if not they can keep using there Vista systems while I enjoy my sleek awesome leapord

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