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Thread: Screenshot & SwapCameraRoll

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    Default Screenshot & SwapCameraRoll
    Hey MMi! It's been quite a while since I've posted, let alone logged in. I guess becuz I consider myself pretty learned already on most iPhone "issues"

    This one is a new one that I've recently encountered.

    I recently "reformatted" my iPhone - no major issues with it, just felt like doing it.

    Im one who uses the "screenshot" ability quite often. I also have "SwapCameraRoll" installed. The second roll (DCIM_2) is where most of my screenshots are saved.

    Before I reformatted & jailbroke, the screenshots would save just fine into the second roll. I was up to 262 images.

    However, when I go to screenshot now, the image doesn't save, but the "posterimage" does (the preview in the camera roll of the latest pic u took).

    I SSH into the phone to see if it was saving it, just not showing - but alas, the screenshots are not saved.

    Any ideas?? Do I have to mod a file to get this to work again?? Do I have to re-jailbreak/unlock??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I googled & didn't find any help - so mmi is the next best option.


    P.S.: the screenshots do save onto the original camera roll (DCIM)
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    Download Roll Swap from the App Store for free, this gives you 4 other camera rolls, and is sure to work properly as it is Apple approved.

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