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Thread: NEED to be GENUIS BAR PROOF when requesting a REPLACEMENT PHONE!

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    Exclamation NEED to be GENUIS BAR PROOF when requesting a REPLACEMENT PHONE!
    So....My silent switch broke off my 3G (common apparently). So, obviously I'm still within a year of my purchase from the Apple store. HOWEVER.... I've Quickpwn'd a custom firmware in 2.2.1 and now have OS 3.0 beta 3 without my own developer account. Yes I've pitched in for the developer program, but under a friend's name.

    So which is riskier when asking for a replacement at the Apple Store...

    1. Downgrade (requiring a jailbreak and tricky on a Mac? Correct me if I'm wrong) and possibly voiding the warranty. Not knowing if "Geniuses" can tell I've downgraded or jailbroken??


    2. Leave 3.0 OS Beta 3 on the phone and risk them calling me out for not having my own dev. account??

    Lastly, if i "erase all content and settings" will ALL of my personal info be wiped???? I don't want Apple or the next owner of a refurbed phone coming across my personal info (including any left over apps/logs from my prior jailbreak).

    Thanks in advance for help! I hate having to try and swap my original/only iphone 3G out at the apple store for some refurbed one just because the stupid switch broke off. BOOOO Apple!

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    i would downgrade to 2.2.1 or something just to be safe. they usually dont care and will take your word but just to be safe. restore the firmware and then choose not to sync at all with your backups. when you get there tell them about the switch being a piece of doodoo and just say the battery life is sucking badly and it has randomly erased all your settings every so often. to combat whatever they say just tell them you have already restored like a million and one times. should be cool for the swap, make sure you check the device because ive gotten some refurbs that had dead pixels, dents in the case, and so forth. good luck bro
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