Umm okay....I was trying to unlock/jailbreak my sister's 3g so I d/l ziphone to see if it would work. I tried using ziphone but then the 3g was just stuck on recovery mode so I wanted to try and use 2.2 software restore instead of the 2.2.1 but I didn't know where the 2.2.1.ipsw that was downloaded from itunes was located in my computer(tried googling, didn't work). So I remembered that quickpwn navigated where that folder and file was from itunes so i plugged my sister's iphone back in to look for that folder but there was an error on quickpwn. After awhile of trying to find it I thought of plugging in my 2g to try and navigate that folder and I did....but my OWN iphone got stuck in the npebea thing from steve. The only way I know to get rid of it is by restoring...but I have so much stuff on my 2g so I was wondering is there a way to get rid of the npebea error, but still keep all the apps and junk on your iphone before the error occured?