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Thread: A question about 3G unlocking

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    Default A question about 3G unlocking
    One of my friends is in the UK for a week so I was thinking of gettin an iphone 3G from O2 pay as you go and unlock here. but as far as I know the latest version that can be unlocked is 2.2. So If they buy the phone for me and it is 2.2.1 then it cannot be unlocked right? I just wanted to make sure so that I wont have a expensıve ıpod in my hands.

    Any info would be appriciated


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    If your friend go to UK and buy iPhone there, why dont you have the iphone to be legally unlocked over there as well? It is doable in europe, and you only pay a little more, but you have a permanent and legally unlocked iphone 3g.

    To answer your question: Yes. If the phone is 2.2.1 OTB, then you are out of luck. But if it is 2.2 and below, it is unlockable by Yellowsn0w.

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    thanks for the info

    ı didnot know that u can go to an O2 shop or call O2 and have it unlocked. İs this really the case in the UK? Has anyone done it?


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    I don't believe you can.
    But lots of shops are still selling iPhones with 2.20 or even 2.01 - just ask before you but - probably better in a Carphone Whorehouse but they should check first. If they only have 2.21 find another shop!
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