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Thread: Upgrade 2G baseband w/o restore?

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    Default Upgrade 2G baseband w/o restore?
    In order to get around the ATT scanner. I downgraded my baseband to the 1.1.4 baseband and used Ziphone. Then I upgraded back to 2.2.1 with a custom IPSW.

    Up until now things have been perfect (I couldn't get swirly to work though ).

    Lately I am having lots of service issues, call drops, NO SERVICE for hours, etc...

    is there any way to upgrade my baseband without restoring?

    I was thinking about using xpwn with the -nowipe and -bbupdate flags. That way my baseband gets upgraded and all my customizations and data don't get erased. But I'm not sure what kind of effect that will have.

    Is there a better way to do this?

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    You cant do it without a restore, as the baseband update is tied into the firmware file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    You cant do it without a restore, as the baseband update is tied into the firmware file.
    Maybe my title was misleading. I don't want to have to redo everything. Which would happen with a regular restore.

    Do you think creating a custom IPSW with xPwn (and then restoring it) and turning nowipe and bbupdate on will help?

    from the xPwn readme

    ## ipsw

    *NOTE: Important change for 2.0: (uncompressed) tarballs rather than paths are now used for bundles*

    ipsw is a more complex tool to generate custom IPSWs that you can restore after using xpwn (or any other pwnage-based utility). This is important, since that's how the jailbreak actually occurs.

    ./ipsw <input.ipsw> <output.ipsw> [-b <bootimage.png>] [-nowipe] [-bbupdate] [-s <disk0s1 size>] [-r recoveryimage.png>] [-memory] [-e "<action to exclude>"] [[-unlock] [-use39] [-use46] [-cleanup] -3 <bootloader 3.9 file> -4 <bootloader 4.6 file>] <package1.tar> <package2.tar>...

    Yes, I know, confusing syntax. The first two options are the IPSW you want to modify, and where you want to save the modified IPSW respectively. -b and -r have the same semantics and requirements as for xpwn. You can also specify actions to exclude from the "FilesystemPatches" section of the Info.plist
    for your particular IPSW (in FirmwareBundles/).

    The most common use of the '-e' flag is to disable automatic activation, i.e.'-e "Phone Activation"'. Note that the double-quotes are necessary.

    -s allows you to specify the size of the system partition. This value is specified in megabytes (NOT mebibytes)

    -memory allows you to specify that memory instead of temporary files should be used whenever possible (no longer the default).

    -nowipe disables Apple's wiping of the NAND (user data), before proceeding with the restore. This allows the restore to happen much, much more quickly.

    -bbupdate tells the restore ramdisk to attempt to upgrade your baseband. This is disabled by default for unlock safety reasons.

    -unlock, -use39, -use46, -cleanup, -3, and -4 are valid only if you merge the BootNeuter package. These provide instructions to BootNeuter (which provides unlocking for iPhones). If you choose to use BootNeuter, you must specify the location where the 3.9 and 4.9 bootloader can be found with the -3 and -4 options. These cannot be included with xpwn due to copyright restrictions.

    -unlock specifies that you wish BootNeuter to unlock the phone (if it is not already unlocked). -use39 and -use46 instructs BootNeuter to either upgrade or downgrade your bootloader (if it is not already on the version you choose).
    -cleanup instructs BootNeuter to delete itself off of the iPhone after it is complete. If you do not specify -cleanup, BootNeuter will be accessible via SpringBoard.

    The last options are for tar-files to merge. All permissions and ownership will be preserved except for already directories that already exist. This is to prevent accidental clobbering (we're guessing you don't really want to alter permissions on existing directories). This behavior may change in the future.

    Told you it was a mess.

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    Again, restoring in any way, shape or form....will wipe your phone. You will have to redo everything. You can use AptBackup from cydia to backup you cydia apps, but everything will get wiped, and thats the only way to upgrade the baseband.

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