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Thread: Iphone 2g stuck at recovery screen, no communication with PC ... please help.....!

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    Default Iphone 2g stuck at recovery screen, no communication with PC ... please help.....!
    hi, i have a jailbraked and unlocked iphone 2g 8GB. It was working perfectly, but i dont know why, it lost its communication with the PC, at that time I used wall charger to charge the battery. after a day or two the I was not able to charge the phone with the wall charger either, tried 2 new cables and chargers, no luck, when the battery is fully drained out I plug in the charger cable it shows the battery and charging sign but when it turns on it dosent charge. Also, it is now stuck at the recovery screen with the person standing with his arms wide open and saying "NPEBEA" and when i plug it to USB port of PC it dost show ant device attached, thats why itunes also cannot recognize the iphone. I tried the DFU thing as well. but no luck,,,,, any suggestions,,,, please reply... help seriously needed. thanks....

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    Try this:

    1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.
    2. Hold down the “Home” button.
    3. Keeping “home” held in hold the “sleep/wake” button.
    4. Keep both held in until the apple logo shows
    5. As soon as the apple logo shows release the “sleep/wake” button.
    6. Keep the “Home” button held in until the iTunes logo and a picture of the USB lead is shown.
    7. Now release the “Home button and follow the instructions within iTunes.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Iphone 2g stuck
    Thanks for your kind reply, as i have already mentioned that this procedure is called DFU mode, and i have already tried that. The main Problem is that when i connect my iphone to any PC its USB port dosnt show any sign of a USB device attached. But when the battery of my iphone is totally drained out, and I attached the USB cable it turns on and shows the battery sign with red mark and the lighting sign of charging. but when the iphone is charged and it turnes itself on, then at that point the computer USB post dosnt show any device attached... Could it ba a hardware Problem..????? ..


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    Hi to all, i think no one is capable enough to solve my problem, well... lets see...

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    I'm sorry what I told you didn't work (I didn't know what it was called either). I'm not all that technical, i just know what I told you cause I had something similar happen to me. I hope you get it fixed soon, I was going crazy about an hour after mine froze up and was about to look into getting a new one.

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    The thing with DFU mode, is that unless you get the timing correct EXACTLY, it wont work, so try it a few times to make sure. Correct me if im wrong, but i think DFU mode pretty much forces the iPhone to restore with iTunes. Hope you get it working again

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    is your usb port working? have you plugged other components into it? Have you tried using a different sync cable? If your port is working and you still have the same problem with a different sync cable, and you are sure that you have it in DFU Mode and it still doesnt work then you have a problem with your dock port.

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    thnaks, i have ordered the dock port flex ribbon i will be replcing it myself... lets see... i will keep all of u posted..thanks again...

    i have seen some guides regarding the screen replacement, i would like to know if there is a guide for the replacement of dock flex cable.?
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