I`m from Argentina so perdon my english. Last Saturday I connect just fine my iphone in the morning through my WiFi connection and then in the afternoon when I tried to connect again there was not any available network ... so I wait until Monday where I try to connect via WiFi on my work but the same thing happened, the iPhone did not find any available connection ... I didn`t dropped my iPhone or anything ... What I did is that in the Saturday morning I uninstall the application MCleaner from Cydia and also noticed is that later that Saturday when I opened the Bite SMS application (without WiFi already), which I had cracked, the app informed me that it was a pirated copy and told me to get a license ... blablabla

Will it be a hardware problem? ¿Will the desintalacion of Mcleaner **** up my iphone? I`ll should reinstall the firmware? Will the application BiteSMS **** up my iphone, realizing that I had a cracked copy? ... Thanx a lot.