Hello, until recently everything was syncing fine in iTunes (music,podcast, bookmark, contact...) but last week when I tryed to sync it lasted a few second and then stopped without the message saying successful sync in iTunes. I could change anything in iTunes delete or add music,video change setting but noting changed on the ipod and the sync fail the exact same way (without any error message). So I did a restore, copied everything back (ridiculously long), everything worked fine for the first day I synced a few time to be sure but today I'm back to the same problem

A few more detail :
I have the latest version of iTunes,my cydia app are openssh, flashlight, iTv, Mobileterminal, **********, iMobilecinema, I've tryed rebooting my ipod and computer, I've tryed to deselect every option in iTunes sync one by one and all at once, I've tryed to shutdown my firewall, I have usb 2.0 port with no power or stability issue

I don't know what to do, any advice other than formatting my computer or reinstalling iTunes is more than welcome