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Thread: Texting on 3G

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    Default Texting on 3G
    Sending text messages on 3G is shady.
    1. Sometimes I get an error message when trying to send a text.
    2. Sometimes the "Sending" bar idles at 90% for almost a minute before it gives up and unsuccessfully sends.
    3. Sometimes I will get a barrage of text messages at once that were sent to me over the past couple of hours or so.

    Using BossPrefs, I can turn off 3G and just use EDGE. When I do this, text messaging works flawlessly.

    The 3G problem seems to be reserved for texts only. When I am having problems with the texting, Safari and Mail and Maps still work just fine.

    This is an annoying problem.

    Comments, anyone?

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    Maybe I should post some pictures.

    This is after I press "Send."

    After sitting idle for over a minute on the previous screen, it gives up and goes back to this.

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    Yeah I've totally noticed this, sometimes I'll be waiting and i'll be like 'wtf they normally don't take this long to respond' and the text hasn't even been sent by me. Or, I won't recieve their text until I actually 'awake' the iphone's screen, and then I'll recieve 1 or 2 at the same time.
    It;s really odd and yes, annoying.

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    The good news is ive also had this a couple times with 3.0
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    I thought I was the only one! I get the exact same symptoms, including the barrage of text messages after a long period of time getting none. And all the timestamps on the received will be from an hour or so ago.

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    Apple told me that my 3G signal could be weak.

    I said this couldn't be the case because:
    1. I live in Houston, Texas (a major city)
    2. Safari, AppStore, Maps, Mail, and other apps work amazingly using 3G speed.

    The Apple lady ignored what I said and reiterated that the 3G signal was probably low in my area. She suggested that if Edge is working, then I should just use Edge.

    Yay, Edge.

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    its definetly the signal, that only happens to me when im in a basement or in the boondocks lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triplethreat0699 View Post
    its definetly the signal, that only happens to me when im in a basement or in the boondocks lol
    I don't think so because whenever I'm having problems sending a text, I will immediately open a webpage in Safari or search for a new place in Maps on 3G with no problems/lag/slowness.

    Also, I live in Houston. It's not like I'm in a small town or anything.

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    i live in Ruston, LA. Edge constantly lol and i have this issue as well running 3.0b1 and b2. Havent been to the other house in Baton Rouge to test it on 3g though. It is definetly annoying and really pissed off my gf yesterday.

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    Apple really should have released the 2G with 3G capabilities. This way, the "3G" would actually be better even though 3G is still unavailable in some areas (the nearest 3G town is...22 miles?)and I predict that in the next year or two 3G will be more popular and grow like Edge did...

    However Apple's 3G implementation and it's 'superior speeds' (or lack of) has yet to be seen as I feel, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, that the iPhone 3G was just a half-step towards their greatest product (that is said to be incompatible with Apple's best earphones) to be made.

    Thus, most of us are either forced to use crappy EDGE until 3G is in all areas, then all of us will suffer the messaging bug if a fix is not released.

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