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Thread: iTunes 7.7.1 not detecting iPhone 2.0

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    Default iTunes 7.7.1 not detecting iPhone 2.0
    I have searched and tho' others have this problem I haven't seen a solution.

    I bought an unlocked/jailbroken phone on eBay running 2.0 that was to work on iTunes 7.7.1. While awaiting shipment I upgraded to 7.7.1. When I plugged in the phone iTunes detected it but said I had to upgrade to Tiger. When I did that lots of things didn't work, including palm sync and iTunes detecting iPhone. That was 6 months ago. I finally got iTunes to work, I think by reinstalling it which I can't do now because no one has that version for download.

    Since palm sync didn't work I bought Missing Sync but still no data got into iCal. Then all of a sudden 6 months later, I changed a setting in iTunes and all my pda data showed up in my iPhone. Apparently there was a problem with iCal that hid all my data even tho' it was there. I was able (by searching this forum) to find a fix for iCal, but it only worked once which allowed me to sync my pda and get all my current data in my phone which is now what I use for my calendars.

    I took my computer to the Apple Genius bar yesterday and after 5 hours and 2 reloads of operating system they were able to troubleshoot and fix the iCal problem (a defective calendar) however NOW iTunes is not detecting my phone again. Apple wants me to upgrade to 8 but since my phone is unlocked I didn't think I could. Can I? I can't find another iTunes 7.7.1 to download so what are my options? I've tried restarting phone and computer (am running 10.4.11, iphone 2.0) using different usb plug on computer and phone charges and activates camera, so connection isn't the issue)

    I have considered upgrading to 2.2 since I hear that Safari works better but don't know how to proceed. It seems all the directions I have read assume you are starting with a locked phone, which I don't have. Would upgrading to 2.2 and iTunes 8 be the easiest way out of this? How do I back up my calendar? Can I connect my 2.0 phone to itunes 8? That would be easiest.

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    Update your itunes to 8.x,upgrade your fw to 2.2,use quickpwn to jailbreak,yellowsnow to unlock(if its 3g)
    If its 2g,only use quickpwn to jailbreak&unlock...
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    If it's a 3G make sure you upgrade to 2.20 NOT 2.21, if it;s a 2G you can upgrade to 2.21
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    It is a 2G phone so I could upgrade to 2.2.1. Is it better than 2.2?

    So, do I download the lastest iTunes and plug my phone in and tell it to restore to get rid of old software?

    Is there any way to backup my data without iTunes working?


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    Upgrade to the latest iTunes.
    Click - check for update and it should find 2.21, backup your phone, install it and restore all your data.
    You will lose any cydia apps you have but everything else should just work.

    2.21 was released mainly to stop the 3G unlock working but there were a couple of minor bug fixes over 2.20 and as you have a sG iPhone there is no reason for you to not upgrade to it (unless you really want to cause yourself more hassle?)
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    Thank you. I guess I will take the plunge.

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