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Thread: Help with iPhone unlock screen.

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    Default Help with iPhone unlock screen.
    I currently have a successfully jailbroken/unlocked 2.2.1 iPhone 2G that was recently replaced by apple due to a messed up touch screen. Ever since I jailbroke/unlocked my replacement, my slide to unlock screen turns on, but isn't responsive after not using the screen at all for like 5 minutes. If i simply hit the sleep button again to get the black screen and then hit it a third time to bring back the unlock screen, all is well. I know it is not a dead strip because the whole touch screen isnt responsive because the ipod wont work either even though it appears. I need to fix this problem because when I get a call after not using my phone for a little I cannot answer because the screen is unresponsive. I already know that I can use insomnia, but I dont want to kill my battery. I use open SSH, so if there is a way to fix this through that, it would be great. I have already done everything, hard reboot, restore, virginize and jailbreak etc. Please Help!!!!!
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    Like you've done everything. If it persists...I would take it back to Apple. If a restore doesnt fix it....something else is wrong.

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    I was able to recreate the illusion of a dead digitizer using software and firmware that were conflicting. Until 2.2.x came along it was not possible and it was ALWAYs the digitizer, but with 2.2.x it has finally became a small possibility that you can kill your digi functions with software. It's rare, but it can actually happen these days. Something in the newest firmware is doing it.

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