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Thread: Nike on iPhone (Screenshots)

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    i only registered to say my opinion here. I don't think it has anything to do with the bluetooth stack because the sensor works on other ipods and iphones without bluetooth so it obviously doesn't work with bluetooth.

    I've never used an ipod 2G but my opinion is that it will work if it stops recognizing that the nike is already connected and only looking for the sensor. I would look for an ipd 2g that has never been connected to the sensor before and get the files from there. maybe that would help. unfortunately i have no access whatsoever to such a device. thank you all for your tries though.

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    Default Working?
    I Think I Got IT!!!!!!!!!(Read it slowly for more excitement)
    Check out the photos!!!
    See no more plug in receiver!!
    But I don't have a receiver...

    Oh and i just read DanielNTX's post...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -photo-82.jpg   -photo-79.jpg  
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    It doesnt work. The 3G cannot communicate with the sesnor, and when plugging a reciever into the dock it says that this item is not compatible with the iphone 3G.
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    But does it work if u plug in the reciever on a 2G iPhone?

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    No. It says it is not supported by this iPhone.
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    I have all the things I need installed from the Touch 2G but still no nike in settings... Am I missing something?


    Found out.. instead of adding in victoria in the M86AP.plist file I added nike-ipod and it worked.

    ***EDIT 2***

    app shows up in springboard but then crashes on my 2g. Hnmnnn.
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    How Nike+ Going?

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    I have been following this..

    Any more progress?

    I would love to see someone get this working.

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    Actually, small gains :-)


    I have been able to get the sensor linked by using the receiver.

    *HOWEVER* the Nike App still doesn't like the receiver being plugged in. So sadly still not very useful.


    Belated Merry Christmas!

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    iTunes is playing nicely. ;-)

    Prompt on first detection

    Nike+ Tab is available if you select 'Send'

    Contents of the Nike+ Tab

    Still working on the receiver part...

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    Drum Roll Please...


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    Quote Originally Posted by iamwallace View Post
    Drum Roll Please...

    Soooo what all did you have to do to get this working? just the Nike+ ipa???

    There are so many "tips" within these 2 threads I don't know where to start & what to expect.

    I have the Nike+ kit (both items) and a 1st Gen (2G) iPhone with 3.1.2 firmware.

    ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated

    Edit: followed first post on with directions from the first post of this thread. Settings doesn't want to show Nike + ipod option Other apps (BossPrefs) see it. I also chmod 777's the recursively.

    Any tips?

    Edit 2: Reformatted & tried a second time. Both times Settings app (by apple) paused with NOTHING to select for a few seconds...and still no Nike + iPod to select
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    Smile bravo!
    this is great news!!

    now how about a tutorial?

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    Currently it is a fairly "brute force" method and isn't perfect as there are a couple of issues:

    The receiver has to be plugged in after sensor activation screen otherwise you will only get the "Receiver Unnecessary" message. It will seem to lose the sensor after about a minute (not sure if these are related or if my sensor battery is dying). Once this happens though it won't detect the sensor again until it is rebooted.

    Unlocking the phone will display the "Accessory is Unsupported" message if the receiver is plugged in. Minor and probably easy patched.

    The Nike app is also complaining at start up now that the battery is low in my sensor (again not 100% if it is or related to the method I used). But might just pick up another sensor - just in case.

    However, this means technically Nike+ on an iPhone 3G is possible. :>

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    Instructions can be found here:

    Weekend Project: Nike+ and iPhone 3G – Part 1 | myMojo

    Happy New Year!
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    Hi , Im Very new to this forum but i wonder if someone can help

    After reading through this thread i wonder if any here knows what .plist to delete or amend to get the nike + ipod section out of the settings?


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    Guys, I extracted the necessary files/folders from an iPod Touch 2G and from an iPhone 3GS File System as well, followed the instructions and double-checked them, the Nike+iPod shows in Settings but when I press it it does not give me any options such as to enable it.

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    hello all,so i did everything that i found here and some other site and all i can get it to show up on is SBSettings not the regular settings.i have permissions set to 777. and still nothing. when i do start it up in SBSettings it does run but i need to buy reciever to make sure that works. How do i get to show up on my springboard. thanks..

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    I have it working except iT doesn’t show up in springboard or setting. If I put my phone in safe mode it does show up in both springboard and settings. Not sure what the deal with that is or how to fix. Besides that it works fine and syncs with iTunes and
    any help.. Thanks..

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