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Thread: Apple sends user lawsuit text msg??

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    Default Apple sends user lawsuit text msg??
    lol ok well my friend just got this msg and called me scared as fukk he said he had just gotten a msg from apple that they will sue him cause the device is hacked

    FRM:Apple Inc.
    MSG:Fine. Connie Mays, Apple representative, To Omar D***, It has come to our attention that the device you obtain has been hacked we are required to file a lawsuit against you or you can pay the $250,000 (End)

    he sent it from his iphone to my sidekick
    when i received the msg it was sent in 3 diff parts... im calling this ******** cause i had never heard of this .. he is on the att network not on any other provider ... can it be true?

    i told him either some one is tryin to **** with him... cause i think if they was to send a msg .. they would of sent a letter not a text msg..
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    LMAO. Someone is playing a very funny joke on your friend, and he/you fell right for it.

    Come on, Apple is going to threaten you with a a txt msg. LOL.

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    thats what im saying!!! LOL he called me shitted out his *** scared

    he was like dude u ****** me .. im like huh? .. he was like i just got a msg from apple via txt sayin they gonna sue me .. lol

    the **** is .. they know his 1st n last name?

    not sure if any of his friends know how to send a txt over the net like that anyways cause they are not pc smart

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    Yeah its pretty easy to send a txt from the web using any ID you wanna create.

    Thats pretty funny.

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    What a joke !!!!!!

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    Nigerian Scam for the iPhone...

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    lol... funny and its not even April 1st

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    i know there is an economic crisis, but lawsuit by text hahahahahaha, well they couldnt send it by mms

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    Lol an easter bunny hopping out of an egg smiling and saying, "You've been sued!"

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    Funny stuff.

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    bs flag

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    Default lol
    That's a pretty good idea, I think it would work better with the iPhone app SpoofCard, and call from like a 1800 number and get them.

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