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Thread: iPhone 3.0 Opinions

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    Hey all,

    These are my first impressions of the iPhone 3.0 beta. I will try not to ramble on too much .

    The 3.0 beta is defiantly worth downloading and installing if you are a very patient person; I say this because there are a LOT of bugs (hence why itís a beta), the most annoying bug being when you are using the Message application in landscape mode, then when the screen is turned off and back on the screen s frozen (Iím sure some 3.0 users are familiar with this).

    Copy and Paste takes a while to get used to; the controls can be a bit odd if you are not sure what you are doing. But it is well integrated and once the Safari bugs are sorted, It could be one of the most important new features for business users.

    One of my personal favourite new features is the ability to use the Messages and Mail application in landscape mode.
    I am used to being able to look away from my laptop keyboard while I am typing; now I can finally do that with my iPhone! Which brings it one step closer to replacing my laptop, however I would like to see a developer make an external keyboard for the iPhone now that third party peripherals are now enabled.

    I have not ever needed to use a voice recorder, I am not an undercover cop or a news paper reporter; however, now that apple have added the Voice Memos application I feel I could become one!
    The thing is, there are a lot of iPhone developers who have spent months making voice recording applications and Iím sure many were half way through making them; but now Apple has provided one as standard, they are all going to lose out on money and will have to start giving their apps away free or at the lowest price band.
    I will leave it down to you to draw your own judgment on the situation here .

    Another feature that I have grown to appreciate is the new universal search feature. It searches through all your Apps, your Mail, and your contacts to find items matching your keyword.
    My one groan with the feature is that it does not search your Messages; this would be useful for finding specific conversations. If this was possible the app would be near the top of my list!

    There are so many other features, making this the most important update to the iPhone since its release in my opinion and I could go on all day writing about them!

    If you want a full list of features in the 3.0 software, here is a link:
    iPhone 3.0 feature roundup

    So if your an iPhone fan or Developer and are unsure about updating to the 3.0 beta, my opinion would be ďHell Yeah!Ē, but be prepared for lag, bugs and slow loading.

    Thanks for reading (Please Thank)

    Wall-E Williams

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    well i for one am not about to update my phone because:

    1) i have all the features that the new one has on 2.2.1, just in a different way
    2) that copy and paste looks like it is going to be one more reason my phone doesn't work quite rite... you cant say that you disagree with me that it just looks a little too iphone like and what i mean by that is that it looks like it will be just about as well thought out and buggy as the rest of the iphone os
    3) i wont have any winterboard or springboard extensions
    4) with all of these new things running all the time it will just cut down on memory available for us to use for our apps when it is jailbroken
    5) i can already tell you 100% that apple changed everything about it so now it will be like starting fresh and will have to hack a brand new system

    im not going to upgrade so that i can get the features i already have and lose the other half of them

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    Interesting views Him121213

    I agree with you on point number 2, is defiantly has apple written all over it, the little blue circles say it all .

    However I am not from the Jailbreaking scene so I can not agree or disagree with your comments on that front, but I am sure that other readers who have Jailbroken iPhones can provide further comments .

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    I agree... Im on 2.2, and I have copy/paste, and Landscape SMS, and swirlyMMS.

    No real reason yet to upgrade to a Beta... Ill wait until its out and jailbroken and has Winterboard..... I would miss Winterboard so much.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish

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    as nice as 3.0 might sound, this IS a beta version, so I'm not about ready to give up my Winterboard, Cycorder, and video e-mailing in order for my phone to be filled with bugs over the next few months until the new one is release AND jailbroken.

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    That seems to be the general opinion ..

    It's odd, I have spoken to a few friends and they were all happy to swap over to 3.0..

    I would Jailbreak my iPhone, BUT, I always have this gut feeling that my iPhone is slowly loosing it's battery and may need sorting soon ..

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    3.0 is a developers beta not a public beta. It is meant for developers to develop and test their apps.

    When it is released I'm sure I will upgrade (well, as soon as YellowSn0w is updated) but I want a phone that works so won't update yet.
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    Thank you! Have you checked out the serial interface or Bluetooth? I'm looking for what new communications programming capabilities are enabled in 3.0

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    No reason to upgrade to beta

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    I'm so glad I updated to 3.0!! I have jailbroken all my phones since the original release. All the jailbroken apps that y'all say you already have don't even cone close to working as good as the native 3.0 ones. Clippy sucks and is more buggy. Swirly was good but took to long and not intagrated well into the system. I'm running 3.0 version 3 and I have not been disapointed at all. Everything is much smoother and faster! I have yet to find an anoying bug at all.

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    3.0 Beta 3 is amazing. Much quicker than the previous betas. Copy/Paste works amazing and I use it all the time. Using a modified IPCC makes my tethering and MMS work great. I cannot wait for Beta 4 in the next day or two.

    The phone is much quicker and responsive. Have had no real issues with this Beta. I miss theming, but I almost forgot how much quicker and better the phone is without having SSH, Winterboard, etc installed on the phone. It is night and day. I guess I never really knew how fast the phone is, as I have jailbroken since day 1. I am in Canada and had to jailbreak the first gen, so that I could unlock it to use in Canada.

    This is truly a great phone again, running unmodified.

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