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Thread: Screen dims while watching Movie ?

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    Default Screen dims while watching Movie ?
    I just recently upgraded to 2.2.1 on my 3G iPhone

    This never happened to me with the previous version of 2.2 but now when I am watching a movie, after a minute, the screen dims and then auto-locks !!!!

    in my settings, I have it set up to auto-lock after 1 minute. I always thought that this gets bypassed when watching movies ?!?

    any input would be greatly appreciated, I do not want to tap the screen every minute while watching a movie...

    any one else come across this ? Google didn't help much...


    p.s. I am jailbroken

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    well turn autolock to never and your problem is fixed

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    That's not normal it should bypass as you mentioned.
    Maybe you installed an app that might be conflicting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEdAY View Post
    That's not normal it should bypass as you mentioned.
    Maybe you installed an app that might be conflicting?
    thanks THEdAY

    I've installed everything that I had on it when it was at 2.2

    turning off autolock isn't the answer....

    I used xGPS v1.2 application tonight for an hour and it never dimmed or autolocked

    wierd huh ?

    upon further investigation, I played a video mp4, the screen dims after 1 minute but does not go into "autolock" mode, screen simply remains dimmed for the duration of the movie
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    Try deleting the movie when iPhone connected to iTunes then reinstalling to see if it happens again.

    Does it happen to all your videos?

    Even thought you installed same apps as in 2.2 something might not be compatible, have you installed any apps that modify settings?

    How's YouTube video playback?

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    I have close to 100 video clips, all the clips I've tried do the same, I don't believe it is a certain .mp4 issue here.....

    I have ORBLive installed, so I tried watching live tv stream on it, works great. It did NOT dim after 1 minute, worked great...

    Tried YouTube Video, it DID dim after 1 minute, but did not autolock, just remained dimmed...

    thanks so much for helping me troubleshoot, any other suggestions ?

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    Disable Auto Brightness. Either in SBSSetting, or through the normal settings menu.

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    Auto Brightness has been disabled from Day 1

    thanks for your suggestion anyways


    any other suggestions please ????
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