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Thread: Warranty and dropped iPhone

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    Default Warranty and dropped iPhone
    My iPhone is in good condition, but it's got a small dent and some scratches on the back. One day my power button got stuck. I've been using it like that for the past 3 months, it's completely functional except for that if the phone shuts off for whatever reason, I can't turn it on unless I plug it in.

    My question: What do I do to fix this without spending 400 on a new phone?

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    Apple gives a one year warranty on iphones. Check with them and see if that power button issue is covered

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    It's not covered I believe because I've injured the phone.

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    if feel like opening up your iphone i bet you damaged the small switch that is depressed when you press the power button. Its not a very hard install and you can buy a new one for under $15 on ebay. search for this

    iPhone OEM Headphone Audio Jack Cable

    it should come up for you, this install just takes the guts to open your iphone. once you get it open, its only about 15 screws, just make sure that you have the #00 size screw driver to do it. I got mine for like $6 online, but you could probably get at radio shack or something like that for under $4.

    Also when you are taking out the screws just make sure to keep track of where they go. There are 3 different sizes that you will come across but you can get them all with the #00 screwdriver.

    Once you get the back off (there are many guides to do it) just unscrew everything and screw the new one on and ill bet your problem will be solved. My ringer switch busted and i did this to fix it. Took me a bit of time but much better than being stuck in silent all the time.

    I honestly think that you just damaged the little depressor switch underneath the power button.

    here are some guides, the steps show the removal of the back and removing the cables and stuff.

    Hope this helps you out.
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