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Thread: iphone "2g" vs iphone "3g"

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    Default iphone "2g" vs iphone "3g"
    hey im looking at getting an iPhone for my fiance for her birthday. I dont have a whole lot of money, certainly not enough to buy her a new one with no contract, and I dont want to get a full iPhone plan for her yet.

    Basically I was debating getting her the 2g, do you guys think she would notice too too much? Im looking to get one for about 300 bucks, and jailbreak it to where my 3g is 2.2.1 or whatever.

    is there much else different other than it cant do 3g?
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    GPS in the maps app in the 2G only locates via cell tower triangulation where the gps in teh 3G can pinpoint actual location.

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    Dont forget when the ver 3.0 firmware is public you will not be able to MMS from the 2g iphone or have bluetooth headphones

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    Just get a 3G. Maybe you get lucky and bid one on
    Get one for like under $300 and you can unlock it pretty easily.
    Then bam! All done.
    3G is way slimmer too.

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    Give her your 3G .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaMagic View Post
    Give her your 3G .
    He's only marrying her - he doesn't love her THAT much...

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    Craigslist, man there was someone sellin a used 3g 16gb with box n stuff for only 200... u never know what kind of deals you'll find...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiuy View Post
    3G is way slimmer too.
    Actually I think its slightly thicker than the 2G, just tapered on the edges to give the impression that its slimmer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefanim View Post
    Actually I think its slightly thicker than the 2G, just tapered on the edges to give the impression that its slimmer.
    this is correct

    i would go with the 2g. MMS will definetly be available for jailbreakers on 2g models i believe, even if swirly kee up their service just for the 2g or someone ports the 3g MMS to 2g, it will be there at 3.0.

    if speeds + gps arent an issue then go 2g.

    however, there will probably be a price drop on the 3g in stores fairly soon to clear inventory for the new model in the summer (same as last year)
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    With a new iPhone announcement imminent, I would just go with the 3G or maybe wait until the new one comes out depending on the price...

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    I would go with the 3G simply because the sound improvements they made. It makes a huge difference 'in call'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarcaMagic View Post
    Give her your 3G .
    I'd give her your 3G and get a new one on June. I have 2G but it looks little dated. (girls love new+pretty ones)

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