Have any of you guys seen these things in real life?

they are TERRIBLE, how people even pass these off as anything blows my mind they are soooooooo slow and crappy. This guy came in to my work with one and was showing it to me, man its garbage.

It is so slow its basically unusable and it constantly crashes.

I was amazed at how poor its quality was, I wasnt expecting it to be awesome but, you know not that bad. And it doesnt have the glass screen its got the windows mobile style films, that thing is terrible too.

If any of you guys buy used phones be careful some people are trying to pass these things off as the real thing. They just say phone on the back and the apple looks different, as well as more black space above the button. Dont look identical but yah, I could see these totally giving the iphone a bad name to some people. I asked him about it (hes planning on selling them) and he was like yah man its close noone can tell, and I was shocked, Clearly hes never used an iPhone before.

whatever, thats people I guess.

what a long rant...