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Thread: Need some help, please!

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    Default Need some help, please!
    Well i was on 2.1 firmware (jailbroken) and decided to update to 2.2.1. I downloaded the firmware and went to itunes, held shift and clicked restore chose the firmware and it gave an error, dont know why?

    But now all i have is an iPhone with the usb and itunes logo on it. I tried to restore to 2.1 firmware as i have that downloaded on my computer but it just gives an error too. What do i do?

    Please Help!

    anyone please?
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    Just put your phone into DFU mode and restore again with the 2.2.1. You may not have been in DFU mode the first time.

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    Im sure i went into DFU mode after and it started recovering etc etc and then it says "iphone could not be restored" after around 5-10 mins of going through the process? Im stuck.

    P.S - correct me if im wrong but DFU mode is the holding of the home and unlock button (at the top) for around 10 secs?

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    yeah, that's correct, but you only let go of one of the buttons after (I forget which one, lol). But first off... are you with ATT or not, because if you're with ATT then you can actually restore it THROUGH itunes without having to do the whole "Shift+click firmware"

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    Im from UK so im with o2. I tried doing it through iTunes. It starts downloading some "iPhone Software Update", and then right at the end it gives an error message. Im trying to download again and i'll post the error message (if it happens again).

    Edit - Nope didnt work through iTunes. I get this message :

    Edit Edit - I watched it do the restore with the custom chosen firmware and it seems to fail after the verifying. "Restoring Firmware" it fails at, gives the message :

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    Your download timed out because you lost Internet connection and didn't complet the Fw download re download it from firefox then hit shift or control when restoring.

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    Ive done it through iTunes three times now and everytime that error has come up, bit strange. The download completes and then it gives that error. My internet is fine and connected each time. I have the firmware for 2.1 downloaded, iPhone1,2_2.1_5F136_Restore - is the file. But as i said i just get an error trying to restore. Should i download 2.0 firmware and try?

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    It didn't even start downloading!
    You do have an active internet connection, don't you?
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    ^ No it did start downloading, but changed the status after the error message. I would try again but with my connection it takes me around half an hour to download it from iTunes, but i'll do it and show you it finishing the download.

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