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Thread: Iphone stolen - will pin last?

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    Default Iphone stolen - will pin last?
    Hi, well my iphone was stolen during gym class but I'm kinda sure i'll get it back (only like 30 people could have been in the locker rooms)

    My question is will my pin last? I set the pin in the settings menu (you know the 4 digit thing after slide to unlock) will this pin last if the thief sync with his itunes? Or can he set it up as a new iphone?

    I am asking cuz i have some personal photos (not bad) and dont want my privacy invaded. Also i dont want him/her to set up as a new phone and break the jailbreak/yellowsnow.

    Also is there any info on ATT/Apple tracking stolen phones? I know it has a GPS chip but customer support said they can't bot when i filled the Police Report they said the could force ATT to (doubt that)

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    All they have to do is place the phone into DFU mode and itunes will restore it working. Also, if you have SSH installed and enabled, you can gain access to the phone as it is that way.

    They may not get to see your pics and stuff.....but the phone is far from useless. If someone knows what they are doing.

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    Most likely they wont be able to get anything off of it. If they never owned a iphone don't know about the pin number settings, they probably will guess to many times and the phone will erase everything.

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    ^Unless you place the phone into DFU mode first...then it will let you restore. Which will erase the pin.

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    OK, the people who took it (probably) are not that smart, i left SHH off but never changed the pass, its unlikely they know what that is

    Also will it erase everything if i left that option off? I really dont want that as i'll get it back (probably) within a week because there is like only 30 suspects and the administration (school) has to investigate as this was caused by a faulty locker.

    Do you think i should sue for CA penal code 487, grand theft? I could earn some cash from the thief. Think about it: GRAND THEFT IPHONE, lol

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