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Thread: Okay so..I've owned this thing for almost 9 months and... (mail related)

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    Default Okay so..I've owned this thing for almost 9 months and... (mail related)
    ...I still can't figure out of there's a solution to my issue.

    I have a GMail account that I sync with the phone. It has always worked properly.

    My issue is this: I have about...15,000 GMail messages in my inbox. I don't want them all to come down. In fact, I don't even want to be asked if it can download "the next 50" messages. I don't want to see anything older than last week.

    I've tried POP settings, server-side. I've tried IMAP. I've tried telling GMail on teh server side to only show me now and and everything that comes after right now. It still will download older messages (still showing that it's downloading the next 50 out of 16,000-something messages). there a way to actually stop my iPhone from wanting to download a few more of these thousands of messages every time I delete a few off the top without having the phone try to download and delete all of those messages?

    There has to be another way, right?

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    go clean ur gmail lol.

    mine doesn't do this for some reason. i use gmail as well, and didn't "sync" it with anything. just opened email accounts, added gmail account, and it fetched the most recent messages. then it jus sends all the new ones to the phone and original gmail account.

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    This was happening to me also and what I did was go into my Gmail and archive all my messages. This took them out of the inbox and into All Mail. Now, in All Mail on the iPhone it gives you the option of loading 25 messages at a time not all your messages.

    Hope this helps

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