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Thread: Weak Signal / Reception – Drop Calls problems

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    Default Weak Signal / Reception – Drop Calls problems
    Hi Guys, I have an iPhone 2g and 1 month ago Iīve been experiencing some problems, please any help will be very appreciated, this are some problems I have with my phone and some solutions I searched in some forums that didnīt work:

    1. Since 1 month my iphone lose some signal, for example I used to have 5 bars in some places over my house and now I only have 2 or 1, my wife has another iphone with the same carrier and she has 5 bars, I used to have the same bars as my wife iPhone but recently I have 2 to 3 less. Also thereīs some times that I have 5 bars and sudendly jumps to 1 bar or even no service.
    2. Drop Calls: When Iīm in a call sometimes drop the call my phone and I check signal and has 2 bars for example, so I donīt know why the iPhone keep doing this itīs anoying and everytime I have the message call failed.

    I have my iphone for about 1 year and it used to be very good with the signal reception I donīt why suddendly this changes, the only difference between my wife phone and mine is that I installed the MobileInstallation and intall some games and apps.

    I already tried this “solutions” that I searched over the internet,
    - Reboot, reset network, turn off, etc: No luck doing either of this
    - Downgrade iphone to 1.1.4 and downgrade the Baseband: working the same
    - Check sim card in other phone: works great
    -Attached scotch tape on sim card: didnīt work
    - Quick pawn to firmware 2.2 and also rebbot and tried 2.1 withouth doing the back up: Didinīt work neither.

    I notice that a lot of people having the same problem and appears thereīs no solution, anyone has any other idea how I can fix this? Please help that using this phone with this problems is a really pain….

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    It sound like your comm board is going out. If that's a case, it's a hardware problem. If you haven't had the phone for over a year, check and see if it's under warranty.

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    Yes I bought my phone on May last year, the phone has 1 year warranty? I bought it in the apple store

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    Then you should be fine. I'd restore it to factory settings on the newest firmware and take it in.

    If you are with AT&T, then they won't give you any problems as long as you explain what's wrong.

    If you aren't with AT&T, they are still required to give you repair service on the phone. Not all of the Apple Store Geniouses seem to know that though.

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    Can anyone has any idea? Maybe if I virginize the phone will work? Please If someone can give me ideas I will appreciate a lot.



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    I believe the issue is hardware based. No amount of restores etc will fix it if that's the case. Your best bet would be to fix it before your warranty runs out.

    Please hit thanks if helped

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    Pops29 (2009-03-17)

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    Hello Piazza,

    Me and my g/f both have iPhones on T-MOBILE
    I seem to be having the same problem, as my phone always have weaker signal strength than hers.

    When I bought it, it came with existing warranty.

    Since I am with T-Mobile, what steps should I take to use the warranty?
    (If needed: I have an AT&T SIM (no longer activated), and I might have access to an activated AT&T SIM CARD from a friend).

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    Yes I have the same case I donīt have my phone under AT&T, I bought in AT&T store but I change my carrier, do you think Iīm still have the warranty? (sorry but I thought I bought this on the apple store)

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    It's my understanding that the warranty stems from Apple, not AT&T. I don't see any reason why they should be able to refuse to service your phone.

    I'm not 100% on this though...Hopefully someone who knows more will chime in with a definite answer.

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    Apple is required to service your phone even if it isn't activated. A lot of stores don't realize this, so remind them nicely that it's in the warranty that service isn't dependent on activation.

    If you are unlocked/jailbroken make sure you do a restore to factory settings as jailbreaking a phone voids your warranty.

    Thanks if helped

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    Pops29 (2009-03-18)

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    Just got back from Apple store with a fresh iPhone

    I was amazed by the quick process... no questions asked

    1) I restored iPhone before taking it in
    2) It had been previously activated with AT&T
    3) Used friend's AT&T SIM CARD (This is important, I saw some people "stall" but they were successfull even with their "un-activated" sim)
    4) Walked in @ 5:00, my appointment was @ 5:20, walked out @ 5:40 with a brand new (refub I guess) iPhone \o/

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    I'm glad it worked out for you man. Enjoy the new phone.

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    Thatīs good news, what happened with your old iphone? I have the signal problems and my carrier is not from US I will go to US next month, do you think it should be a problem if I take this without a sim?

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