This is my first post on any iPhone related forum, so i thought why not introduce myself?

Im Jono.. one of those typical people who jumps onto the bandwagon, i thought knew it all, i thought i could jailbreak, and do everything i wanted with my phone, without ever asking for assistance. Just 1 month later, I have now hit that stumbling block that has humbled me, and i have come here to grovel for your help, and accept that there are people here who know more than me.

recently i have 2 new icons that have appeared (see image below)

I have used my super awsome photoshop skills to highlight my areas of discontent, and hope that someone can offer some guidance as to how i can get rid of them, as i put so much time into making everything how i wanted it throughout the phone, to have 2 unwelcomed visitors sat dormant, and irrelevant on every single "page" of my phone is rather irritating.

I figured the speech bubble with an exclaimation mark inside might be for new sms, and the phone icon might be for missed calls. So i deleted every text message on my phone, and checked through all my calls, without any success. I have resprung, and rebooted several times, and they will not get the hint.

I first noticed their unannounced arrival after installing a couple of sms applications. I tried out the MySMS and iRealSMS from Cydia, as i wanted to see what landscape texting would be like, as i hoped it would better accomodate my stubby little fingers, to faster texting, however i found that (and this is purely in my opinion, my aim is not to slander anyones work here but my own)they added things i didnt need, and seemed to add extra time to loading texts, i uninstalled both, and thats where i think this has derived from. perhaps i had a new message or a missed call that this highlighted, and deleted the app that made that icon appear, and now its stuck there in limbo.

I have also since installed statusnotifier from cydia, in the hope that it would allow me to turn this off, but my efforts were in vain, (albeit now i have a practical icon to show me silent/vibrate mode is on).

I must apologise for my ramblings, i tend to refrain from forum sign ups for as long as possible as i have a tendancy to be overly verbose, but i hope that someone will be able to answer this query, and that way i wont have to flatten the phone and start again, there really is so much on here now that i dont have the heart to customise it all again, ive literaly poured solid days into aesthetics. (I am planning on leaving the house soon though)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me here, and cheers for reading.