Well, yesterday, i finally figured out how to get all my music back from my ipod touch after it all vanished and it still took up room.

It happened after I used swaptunes

NOTE: it works for 2.0+ even 2.2.1

Step 1) Go into Cydia and download Mobilefinder first.

Step 2) Once you are in to Finder, make sure u go to settings and make sure you can see all the hidden folders, and system folders

Step 3)hit the "Up" button in the top left corner until u are at /

Step 4) Navigate to /var/root/media You should see ipod_control, and ipod_control_2 or something.

Step 5) Delete ipod_control NOT IPOD_CONTROL_2 (it will delete all the music off)

Step 6)tap ipod_control_2 so its highlighted and click modify on the bottom.

Step 7)Change it to ipod_control, and respring your ipod/iphone or simply restart it

VOLIA, u should have all your music back, because i did

Have a good day!