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Thread: Not recieving anymore?

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    No. Start with a clean restore and install apps one at a time until you find what the problem is.
    It's quite simple. no individual app by itself causes a problem. Either a combination of apps - which is unlikely as they worked before, or far more likely, the settings of one app, are causing you a problem.
    No one can tell you which it is - you are going to have to work it out for yourself.
    Why are you so reluctant to help yourself?
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    Im not im just seeing if there was an easier way before i did it the hard way and would take forever.

    Do i need to do a fresh restore, or can i just remove the apps and put em back on 1 by 1?

    Ok, ill just do a restore, but what folder is your contacts in when you ssh into it?
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    I helped a friend set his up. We called att and eventually talked with a Tech. The first thing he asked was if the app we were trying to get to work was swirlymms. Anyway, long story short there is something on Att's end that has to be turned on to get those messages again. The Tech found something was disabled on his account, he re-enabled it and told us to reboot the phone and he sent us a picture message and we got the message to check our message with a login and password.

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    I suggested a number of things to do.

    1) Try removing apps (and any possible lingering files) TIP in cydia check filesystem log under package details
    2) Call ATT and speak to somebody
    3) Restore

    There is no way you did all of those already. Please try those three before posting back. I don't want to sound rude, but if your not going to try what people are saying then don't keep asking. If you don't understand one of the methods described then go with option #3 which will be the easiest (and probably not longest-Waiting for an AT&T rep could take awhile )
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    Ill restore, and set up as new phone.
    Where can i find my contacts folder at through ssh, so i can ssh them back in when i need too?

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    Uhmmm, if i do a restore then back it up would i just have the same problem.
    Or what?

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