i do alot of thinkering for alot of people. usually nothing terribly epic, just your standard fix virus', speed up system stuff.

The problem is, is that I only have one keyboard and a trackball, and more often then not i find myself unplugging everything from the back of my computer, into the one i'm fixing and back again.

it's a process that is getting somewhat annoying.

I already have an ABC switch which has thankfully allowed me to not have to unplug the monitor anymore, but i still have the problem with the keyboard and trackball.

so what i was wondering was if there existed an app or some type of tweak out there that would allow me to plug in my iphone via USB, and use it as a HID.

i've already seen things like VNC server type of stuff, but the problem still arises that i need to unplug everything to install the server onto the other computer.

any ideas out there?

for the task to be fruitful and good, the requirements are:

Should be through USB,

Should be standalone, without having to install any software on the computer, but instead having total keyboard and mouse control from boot through the iphone, just as you would a regular USB keyboard and mouse.

Having a virtual desktop on my iphone is not necessary as that can easily be accomplished with some type of VNC server, and I already have the desktop through my ABC switch.

Thanks in advance :-)