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Thread: No sound

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    Default No sound
    I dunno what happened, my sound just stopped working nothing works except listening through the headphones. I tryed hard reset, plugging in and unplugging my headphones, I cant figure it out. No its not the silent switch or the ipod volume, or any of the sound settings.

    It just keeps randomly going on and off every once in a while.

    Im on firmware 2.20 with an iphone 3g.

    Does the new update fix this issue?

    UPDATE: tryed restoring, still nothing.
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    When you restored your phone, did you restore your settings from the backup? If so, you have only carried the problem across to the new firmware:
    Go to settings>general>reset and you want to reset all settings from within the phone.

    Try that and see what happens.
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    Yeah I tryed that before I restored and that didnt work either. I think I just found the problem. I Think its a hardware issue. I applied pressure to the top of my phone where the headphone jack is and the sound came back! It went away as soon as I let go though, so I twisted the phone a bit by grabbing opposite ends and now it seems to be ok.......hmmmmm

    ok It seems to be the dock port for some odd reason. If I put the charger cable in and bend it slightly, the sound comes back... if I stop bending it the sound goes off but the phone is still charging.
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