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Thread: Figured I could ask the experts.

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    Default Figured I could ask the experts.
    On craigslist, I found a guy with an iPhone 2g. Through e-mail he has told me that the phone is mint minus a few scratches on the back cover. Everything works on the phone except that no matter what he did it always said no service. I asked if it had water damage, and he said no. The origional asking price was $150, and I talked him down to $90. I can pick the phone up locally in a public place, so i'm not worried about it being a scam.

    I figure the phone might have been unlocked by ziphone at some point, and I may be able to fix via baseband tools etc.

    Assuming though that for some odd reason no matter what I do, the phone won't regain service, and when I check for water damage, the indicator isn't tripped, is this deal worth it?

    I figure if WiFi/iPod works, and there are no problems with the touchscreen, it's like a cheaper iPod touch. And if nothing else, one of you guys might want it to repair.


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    Might be worth something if you part it out if you cant get it working.

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    Check it thoroughly. It may be a software issue. There also a small chance its a hardware issue. If you could get him to email you the serial #, that would be great...theres also a small chance its still under warranty.

    If you get the serial #, you can check on Apple's site and see if the waranty is still good. If it is, and you cant get it to pick up service, let Apple swap it

    Assuming he is correct about the no water damage.

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    That's what I was thinking. I'll be sure to check to see if the sensor is tripped, and if not, they are good about replacing it. Glad they don't check the internal stickers when you bring it in to apple, as they don't want to open the phone.

    I'm hoping it's an issue with the baseband being messed with.

    If it's hardware, i'll probably sell it. I think I can get $150 or so for it if everything else works properly.

    I'll let you guys know how it plays out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piazza331 View Post
    I'll let you guys know how it plays out.
    Please do!

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    Alright guys, I just picked up the iPhone.

    Before I paid for it, I made sure it synced to the computer. No problems. Touch Screen is working. Water damage isn't present (at least from the headphone jack check).

    I just got back to my place. Wifi is working. External speaker works. Music plays through headphones.

    Put my sim card in, and as he said, I get no service message.

    I'm downloading the 2.2.1 firmware for it (which it is already on) in an attempt to jailbreak/unlock the phone.

    Any suggestions on what I should do in regards to the baseband?

    Alright, so attempt 1.

    Downloaded 2.2.1 firmware and the newest version of quickpwn. Clicked on the 2.2.1 firmware. Uploaded the 3.6, 4.9 bootloaders, and selected jailbreak/unlock/no custom boot logos.

    Quickpwn ran and the phone rebooted.

    Phone is now jailbroken. Phone still says No Service.

    Now what do we want to do?
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    check if its under warranty

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    Ha ha, it isn't.

    I really am about to resign myself to the fact that the comm board is probably shot.

    Anything else anybody can think of to try?

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    So I took it to an Apple store to see if there was any chance I could get a replacement even though it wasn't under warranty.

    No dice.

    My roommate wanted the phone without a contract so he handed me 200 bucks and I just got him a new one.

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