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Thread: Just started happening???

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    Default Just started happening???
    All of the sudden i plug my iphone in which is on T-Mobile network and iTunes says "the sim card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported" it is 2.2fw and just started happening what can i do other that jailbreak, and unlock it again? Here is this thing i have a ton of contacts in there and i dont want to loose them, please help???

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    i think u should be ok if u restore due to the fact u prolly have back up ur contacts etc when u synch ur iphone!

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    that is the thing i have added a bunch more contacts since the last time i sync my phone, is there another way to get my contacts off the phone without have to go through itunes???

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    Don't you synch your contacts with your computer anyway?

    There is a way of getting rid of this error without jailbraking again - I'll see if I can find it again for you.

    [Edit]Here it is[/Edit]
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    hey confucious will you post the directions i dont want to register for that website.

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    Follow the steps below to get rid of the "different SIMdetected" message

    1. Use QUICKPWN procedure to Jailbreak and Unlock.

    2. Now you need to remove the previous activation, for that you need to follow the below procedures.

    2.1 Remove any SIM cards inside so you have access to cydia, than open cydia, and you are going to search and find the following applications, than install them

    - Open NTPD
    - Open SSH
    - Automatic SSH

    3. Download and Use WinSCP to connect to iPhone
    Download WinSCP

    Guide on using WinSCP with iPhone - See link below

    4. Follow the below steps:

    4.1 Download patched lockdown file from - See link below

    4.2 Navigate to to /private/var/root/Library/ and copy lockdown folder to your desktop (for backup just in case - this you need to do)

    4.3 Delete that folder from phone

    4.4 Unzip downloaded patched file and upload to phone to replace the folder you just deleted (make sure you replace the actual lockdown folder that has the files in it)

    4.5 Navigate into patched folder and make sure file permissions are set to 644 for all files (right click on "lockdown" and go to properties, than set file permission to 0644)

    4.6 Reboot phone

    Guide on using WinSCP with iphone

    Download patched lockdown file from here
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    thankyou that worked perfect, but i accidently deleted the library folder then recreated it, what was in that library folder that is important, other than the lockdown folder?

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    There are folders called:

    Probably all your personal stuff.

    Try restoring from a backup and seeing if that gets these directories back.

    Good luck.
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    other then using cydia to search for
    - Open NTPD
    - Open SSH
    - Automatic SSH
    are there other ways?

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