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Thread: Stole iphone to apple

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    Default Stole iphone to apple
    I got a stolen iphone3g from a friend (i swear) for $50 but it wont charge anymore. I searched for fixes but nothing worked. I searched up the serial number for the iphone on apple and theres a applecare protection for 3years on this iphone , i only think its for warranty. I want to take it to apple for a replacement cause after reading several posts on other forums other people took their phone to apple and got it replaced without any problems, but they werent stolen i think. If I take the phone to apple will they take it from me or not repair it.
    Thanks Guys

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    Dude, why would you buy a stolen iPhone? That's just wrong... Someone paid for that, and then you condoned the theft of it, you are just as wrong.

    Since it does have the Apple Care, I would be wary of bringing it in to them. Sorry, but it seems that you are SOL. I don't know if they can flag it as stolen, and just keep it- I'm not sure.

    How about you just buy a legit iPhone?
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    you are a scumbag, i hope someone jacks it from you

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    WOW ur stupid if i reported you to apple they would have you within minutes (they can track down ur location using IP) you must be really stupid to post u stole something on a forum, but you know what they dont check who u are at the store so u might just get away. (they didnt for me when i broke my). But any ways for stealing an iphone you should burn in HELL!!

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    We are here to help each other not to help wankers like you circulate stolen goods.
    Hopefully it be be just a brick for you.
    Do you really think this web site is going to help someone rebirth someones pride and joy.....**** head! (if the words dont come up use your imagination)
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    I'm glad it doesn't work anymore, serves you right.

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    Surely this is a wind-up? No-one would openly admit they've got a stolen phone would they? Or have I just got too much faith in humanity?

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    Ask the original owner to fix it.

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