I am running on 1.1.3 and i have Installer.app installed.

I am trying to get nes roms onto the nes emulator but right now for some reason when i go into installer. app and download something i get the error message of

Package download failed: can't find host!

Now i browsed the internet and did these following things which do not work.

1. in sources i deleted one source and changed it to http://repo.sxmy.org/iphone-apps/

2. i refreseshed my sources repeatedly but still nothing is working

3. i found that you have to change the permissions of certain files? but i do not know how to do that

what do i do, how can i start installing apps again? it worked before but all of a sudden after i attempted to install bsd subsystem (which i was told was needed for nes roms) i was not able to install anything else

please help me as soon as you can, i want to get this running! thanks