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    Ok so i had to restore, and still wanted to have 1.1.3. So i restored to 1.1.3 and used Ziphone to activate and jailbreak it. But i dont have my at&t service so i cant use my phone. Anyone know what to do???

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    More info needed, are you saying your on ATT network and you arent getting any service? Im assuming you were running 1.1.3 before the restore and DID NOT upgrade/change your firmware any before returning to 1.1.3.

    Is your phone acting properly aside from the fact you have no network coverage or edge connection?

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    yes everything is fine, jailbroke ok and works just no edge or service

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    Honestly sounds like a bad jailbreak. I would restore again (or upgrade to 1.1.4, you can also jailbreak that using Ziphone) and re-jailbreak. Usually the only time you have issues with no service is when your trying to downgrade firmware, can screw with things cause the baseband wont match up unless you downgrade that too.

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    ok, last time i restored to 1.1.3 then got the emergency screen after i restored. Should i use ibrickr to get out of that ? And will my phone have service?
    I really dont want 1.1.4

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    The emergency screen means your phone isnt "activated", which means you didnt use the command "-a" in ziphone, you only used "-j" for the jailbreak. However, you can also use Itunes to reactivate the phone if you get that screen, or use Ziphone with only the command "Ziphone -a". Ibrickr can take your phone out of "recovery mode" if needed, but i dont believe it can activate the phone.

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    it was pluged in with itunes running and wouldn't do anything. what am i suppose to do in itunes to activate it?

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