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Thread: WIFI not working well on unlocked, JB, 2.2 on orange

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    Default WIFI not working well on unlocked, JB, 2.2 on orange

    I run and Iphone 3g. It's unlocked, jailbroken on 2.2 running modem firmware of 02.28.00.

    Only recently I've notice my device will not connect to my home wifi network which is really annoying, I have made no updates so I don't understand the reason for this. Is anyone else having similar problems and is there a remedy to solving this?

    Any advise or help is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with good karma. :-)

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    Reset your network settings on your phone. Settings- Reset- Reset Network settings. Also reset your router. See if it works.

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    Did that, but i am still having problems with it connecting, sometimes it does but mostly not.

    Seems to be a bug of some sort.

    Has no one else encountered this?

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    I had the same thing happen. Tried all sorts of things to fix it. In the end though, I broke down and brought it back to Apple, and they gave me a new one. Apparently it happens commonly enough that the guy had mentioned that they keep a bunch of new ones just for these wifi issues.

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    So you did a full restore before sending it back, right? Are Apple able to trace that it's been unlocked and jailbroken?


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    I have the same exact problem with my wifi on my phone, I tried everything, short of another restore. My phone is still under warranty, but I lost the receipt, am I screwed? Oh, and I have the first gen iPhone; am I screwed on this part as well?

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