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Thread: Help extracting data from .mdbackup files on a PC…

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    Default Help extracting data from .mdbackup files on a PC…
    I have searched the forums and I am not able to find a solution to what I am trying to do, so hopefully I can get this thread started and the solution will come to light.

    Here is exactly what I want to do. I have plenty of sms messages on my phone, I know that on the PC these messages are backed up to:

    I ultimately want to be able to take this file and have it in some sort of Database(SQLite is fine) or XML or even plain txt. I just want a readable archived copy of this file. I don’t need to be able to restore from it.

    First I should start off by explaining what I think I know. I say I think because I believe I must be missing something otherwise I would have figured this out already.
    1. .mdbackup file is a binary .plist file
    2. binary .plist file must be changed to a plain text .plist file before you can do anything to it.
    3. once you have a plain text .plist file you can make XML or load it directly into a SQLite DB

    alright I have found a few online scripts that offer to convert the binary .plist files for you. When I do this I get an XML file that contains garbage inside the main tags. This file will not load into SQLite or is not readable by me. I have also seen a few Python & Pearl scripts. The Python scripts all invoke plutil, on a PC this will not work as far as I know. I do have Cygwin and bash on my PC but plutil is not available to my knowledge. The pearl scripts I have seen don’t work with the windows Pearl(or I couldn’t get it to work). Although I have found a few sites that do run the Pearl and I get the same XML file so I wasn’t so motivated to figure it out.

    I believe I have all the tools I need to do what I want to do I just don’t know the complete process. I need to know from the beginning what do I start off doing to the .mdbackups

    Again, i do not have a Mac i have a PC. so i do not have Plutil. I have read that plutil will do what i want to do or something very close. As far as i know this isnt an option for me on a PC.

    I appreciate any additional information someone can add to this. If my understanding of the files and process is wrong PLEASE let me know. If anything it will help me more accurately google the answer. If you know how to do what I am trying to do please let me know, the correct process.

    Thanks for the help.

    Short list of links and what I have tried(NONE HAVE WORKED):
    .plist Converter | <-- didnt work. gave me
    nothing as output.
    Binary &mdash; XML .plist converter - iAppCat <-- gives me output but the output is
    less meaningful than the input
    iphone sms backup export - convert your iphone text messages to PDF, CSV and XML <-- okay this one works from the free demo as far as
    i could tell. but they want $5 for the whole file

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    what are the rules for spamming??? how is asking a question about data extraction SPAM?

    Okay to get back on topic, if anyone has information that can help i would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    I think he means their are like 20 ? like this and he thinks there are all you. (you know mods can see IPs)

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    Thanks Alek.

    Any info on transforming a .mdbackup file to a readable format on the PC?

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