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Thread: Recycle Bin Junk Post

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    ya ok give me $15,000 to try out every 5-minute $0.99 app

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    there is obviously no stopping you from getting the last word

    but im not trying to tell you not to use it because i really dont care what you do

    i am simply asking you not to discuss it here

    i can get any mod down here and tell you that all of us who abide by the rules and contribute to the community are in fact representing "we"

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    Your exactly rite, you have no point, im still gonna do what i do!

    you still don't count as 'the we' and even if a mod says he is 'the we' doesn't mean he is, if isn't at the same point of view then it doesn't count as a 'we'. Many people here are pirates but their just board of noobs like you, i find you amusing. LoL

    and also you don't have the right to ask me not to discuss it here as you are not a mod, just a wanna-be

    HaHa got the last word, LoL like that actually matters

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    its funny how you call me a newb even though i have written over 100 programs, aided the jailbreak of the ipod touch 2g, am working on porting linux to iphone and have 800 more posts than you

    your statements are really backed up arent they

    even if i do want to be a mod it really isnt relevant

    if you continue to disscuss that kind of stuff here you will be banned bottom line

    i may not have the title but i do have one button that will forward the task to someone with it

    __________________________________________ i lied... this is the bottom line

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    I relay dont care, u just proved you have no life and you let me annoy you thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post
    No, and neither is downloading the afore un-mentioned program. Time to stop the double talk?
    Ah but anything you could ever use the after mentioned program for is stealing. I'm afraid there is plenty of things you can do Jailbreaking besides steal -- unless of course your full intention behind jailbreaking is to steal and then you can find some other site to troll

    stop trying to be cute, it doesn't suit you


    I get the last word. We do not support cracking apps. The app in question for this whole thread has one use -- to steal. We don't endorse the application. There is no discussion to be had about whether or not we should or should not endorse it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregTheWang View Post
    Besides, jailbreaking is illegal now, according to apple. MMi said they don't consider it illegal, so it's not illegal. Apparently MMi can decide what's legal or not. Jailbreaking is. Cracking is not.
    Apparently Apple can decide what's legal or not is the point you missed there. Apple is not the government, they are a company.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post

    MMi shows you how to jailbreak, which facilitates using cracked apps. Installing ******** facilitates using cracked apps. Spin it any way you wish, the result is the same.

    That's like saying Ford sell cars, and cars could be used to drive to a murder - so Ford is aiding and abetting murder. That's ridiculous.

    The program you mentioned has ONE purpose - distributing cracked apps. Stealing. Jailbreaking is not stealing - I have more AppStore apps on my SpringBoard (bought and paid for) than I do Cydia apps. I also have video recording, turn by turn GPS directions, theming, and root file browsers. Not possible from Apple.

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