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Thread: How to fix a crashing safari?

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    Question How to fix a crashing safari?
    I've been going crazy trying to solve this issue, everytime i would go online via the phone the safari would crash, is there a known fix for this or maybe someone can suggest another 3rd party application?

    Thank You

    iPhone 2g
    2.2 f/w

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    Try to remove adblock...

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    if that doesnt work just reinstall it through ssh

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    My Safari is crashing like crazy lately and I dont have Adblock installed. Where would we find Safari to reinstall?

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    OK, i dont want to jinx it but i just installed the adblock from cydia and i think that it resolved the crashing safari issue, i was online yesterday and safari was good to me for the first time.
    Thank you guys

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    I went and purchased one of the 3rd part browsers, FullBrowser, and its been working fine. I thought the 3rd party browsers were basically built on Safari. Why doesnt this one crash then?

    UPDATE: I uninstalled the Safari DL, and MobileCinema plugins and I have not had a Safari crash yet.
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