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Thread: Back up iphone without jailbreak?

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    Question Back up iphone without jailbreak?
    Hi, I wonder there are any way to back up iphone (address book, sms, photo, note,...) without jailbreak!? Because I have one 3G without jailbreak. Now i want to upddate and unlock it, but worry to lose everything.

    I thought some way to solve it, but still have questions on the way, so please answer them for me:

    1. If I quickpwn to jailbreak it to be able to use OpenSSH, will I lost everything? (If not, so I can back up everything through winscp).
    2. If I'll lose everything by quickpwn on 1st question, then is it possible to use "iphone pc suite" (ips) to back up everything? Because I know ips will install app on iphone in order to manage it, but not sure ips would be able to install on no-jailbreak-iphone-yet, cuz I always used ips on did-jailbreak-iphone.
    3. If both of my above questions couldn't work, please tell me another solution. Thanks in advance

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    if your phone is a virgin then it wont lose any of your data when you jailbreak

    also you can use itunes to backup then just restore from backup after restore (if you use a pwnage made ipsw or restored first)

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    not realy understand what you mean for virgin. My ip is used to work with xsim but it have not jailbroken yet, that's why I need to back up. If i'm right, i think you mean that jailbreak won't delete any data, right?

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    1st sync with itunes,all your data will be backed up to it except cydia apps.Use AptBackup to cydia apps.Then restore with a custom fw to itunes.If you wanna go to 2.2,use quickpwn to jailbreak,yellowSnow to unlock.But if you wanna go to 2.2.1,you have to use pwnage tool on a mac to preserve your baseband,then yellowSnow.

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    by virgin i mean that your iphone has never been jailbroken

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    kool... so i just jailbreak it then back up everything before restore it to new fw, rite?

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    just backup, update, restore, jailbreak

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    just restore with custom fw...Don't use the update button on itunes...

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