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Thread: Sound issues

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    Question Sound issues
    So i bought a pos iphone for 50$ i had finally got it working and jail broke it to 2.2 with Quickpwn.
    Now i have been using it for about a month now maybe more with no problems at all. But yesterday i was riding my bike and figured i wanted to listen to my iphone on the way home cause it was a long cold tedious ride. Before this it was playing through my ear buds fine but i knew one speaker was blown out on my right bud. So i plugged it in. and the damn thing plays my music. but i hear no lyrics. I hear the instruments/instrumentals ambient sounds in the song and the background lyrics but no actual main lyrics.I tried restoring to 2.2 and re jail breaking (i have no sim card) no success, I tried restoring and up grading to 2.2.1 and jailbreaking and still no success. i bought new ear buds and have the same problem. there is psychical damage to the phone though and it has never posed a problem. the black part on the bottom had fallen off there was a ribbon split in half and it was just sitting there as i said it posed no problems and with a sim card in it i get perfect reception. it is a 2g iphone BTW. Im going to call apple tomorrow and see if they know (leaving out the jailbreaking part of course seeing as how it could be illegal now or soon) Please help i miss my iphone

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    its not ur iphone its your damn headphones

    splurge and shell out the 30 bucks for a new pair

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    Read the whole post I already did that

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    Default update
    Headphone jack is done andi need a new back case anyways oh well

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