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Thread: Loads of status bar icons appear for 10 secs when I open some apps, then disappear.

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    Default Loads of status bar icons appear for 10 secs when I open some apps, then disappear.
    Why?! I can't work it out. If I open some apps, including Facebook, for about 10 seconds lots of stuff appears in my status bar, like the bluetooth icon, a different time, wifi icon etc, then it goes back to normal. I can't think what might be causing this, any ideas? Here are some screenshots to help explain.



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    it probobly has to do with the theme you are using

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    looks as though the status bar in your theme is actually a screenshot with text/icons already on it?

    what theme is it?

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    I'm using a purple theme I got from cydia and modded/added images to, the status bar image is just a normal image, no screenshots or anything. It does stop doing it when I turn off that theme, do you know which status bar image relates to the one that appears when you launch some applications so I can check it out?

    It seems like the file called Default_BG is causing the problem, but it's just a normal (png) image file so I don't know why
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    I know what you saying, but if you browse to the theme, and open up the images on your computer then you will find one of them isn’t just a blank status bar it will have the at&t and 3:27AM on it. When you find it just open it up and edit out the text so it becomes just a plain bar. (If you have several themes installed and ticked in winterboard it isn’t necessarily in the first theme in the list)

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    You are right, its from the Default.png of the app you are loading. You can make your own default screen and replace the original if it bother you.
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    I figured it out now - it was the default.png file but it didn't have any of the 'at&t' or time images on it. I think it didn't like the image being transparent for some reason. I made it solid and it works fine now

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