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Thread: iPhone Jailbreak Skin Simulator - What do you think?

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    Default iPhone Jailbreak Skin Simulator - What do you think?
    Hello! My name is Luke Gabriel and I would like to share an idea I have with you all. This year I have been taking a Visual Basic Programming class and would like to put my skills to the test. I want to create a program that simulates an iPhone, jailbroken, and to where the user can upload several images to see what it would look like on there hand-held device. This would save dozens of head-aches in creating your own theme - editing, testing, editing, and testing some more. Some key features of this program that I have come up with are the following:

    • Real iPhone Image Simulation - Including a home screen, slide to unlock screen, now playing screen, and movie screen.
    • Ability to switch between iPod Touch, iPhone, or 3G.
    • Ability to organize all files into one folder.
    • Ability to check compatibility with all files - Ex. "The Image you have imported is not a '.PNG' file"
    • Basic and advanced tabs
    • Beginners tutorial

    Would you guys pay for a program like this? How much? I was thinking that everything listed under the basic tab is free then to get the full version witht eh advanced tab, you have to buy the program.

    I would like to hear your comments on this project! If you have ANY suggestions at all, reply here or shoot me an email at LukeGab @

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    its an idea...

    i know that once you are experienced in theme making you get to know the dimensions and what works and doesnt

    this would be pretty complicated to make as you would have to emulate a completely different processor then on top of that be able to load and run a custom patched firmware into this supposed.....virtual machine basicaly

    on top of all that i dont know if you could accomplish this with visual basic in the first place
    if it was on a mac it would have to be done with objective c or some varient of c just to write the basic program

    but then you would have to figure out how to turn everything into machine language (mac os x)

    i think you are underestimateing the amount of work that this would require not to mention the wealth of knowledge that im not sure that you have based on the fact that you said you only took a visual basic class

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    I think you are misunderstood. It's not really an emulator, just pictures. I think I will be able to accomplish this. I'm also taking C++ next year.

    Guess it's my fault for putting simulation... Although that would be very nice!

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    so you want to use the picture that people import to the program and just put them in corresponding places?

    still different because the phone has some strange boundaries that you might not be aware of when you write the app

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    Yeah, the iPhone is a really new and strange piece of frameworks if you get down to the details. (I feel really bad for the dev teams who pick apart at each firmware line by line) Yeah after a while of theming, you get patterns and stuff that makes it easier for you by a lot. however, an emulation would definitely be sweet. It's not something really necessary now though.

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    Really isn't neccessary because the developers of the themes include screenshots you so you can how it would look. There is also a theme section on this site with screenshots and feedback from members who use the theme.
    Android user suffering from iPhone withdraw.

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    ^^I agree. I try to add a few screenshots to themes (that aren't mine) in the download section every day,
    It's very simple.
    Download the theme, ssh it to my iPhone, Take a screenshot, upload the png to the download page.
    I for one would not use something like this. Just being honest

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    this wouldnt be that hard. Just make a simulater that moves the images into the rite places in like a java app like this one: Virtual iPhone 3G - Red Rome

    PS no one would pay for it and ud be craked by xsellize within hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alek View Post
    this wouldnt be that hard. Just make a simulater that moves the images into the rite places in like a java app like this one: Virtual iPhone 3G - Red Rome

    PS no one would pay for it and ud be craked by xsellize within hours.
    Selling it was just a thought. I wouldn't sell for more than $.99 anyway. What is this xselliz you speak of?

    Using the users imported image is the easy part. Organizing files, checking compatibility, and switching between the home screen and web etc is what I'm going to have trouble with. Eh, my teacher is a genius and I'm sure he would be glad to help if I have any problems.

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