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Thread: weird iphone problem. re: main menu

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    Default weird iphone problem. re: main menu
    Okay, so i'm in canada and i just bought an unlocked iphone...

    love it...been playing around with it for the last 2 days...

    anywho i ran into a problem...

    i used the installer and downloaded some applications, mostly games...

    thing is, now there are more buttons than u can see on the screen, but i have no way of scrolling to see the rest of the buttons...

    my friend who has an iphone as well says i slide my finger across the screen from left to right and it should move to the other buttons but it aint doing nothing.... i tried everything.

    kicker is, one of the buttons moved over was the installer so i have no way of uninstalling these apps....

    any clues?

    oh, i have an unlocked version so i dont wanna use Itunes to restore it to factory cuz it might lock it up...

    any ideas??

    thanks guys!

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    what firmware is it

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    Try rebooting your phone
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    install summerboard and turn the skip roll on
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    its 1.1.3

    whats summerboard?

    how do i reboot the iphone?

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    How many icons do you have on your main screen? in 1.1.3 press and hold one of the icons for over 3 seconds. They will all become wiggly. Select one and slide it to the right edge of the screen. It should go to the next screen to the right.

    To reboot hold down the sleep button then press the front button.

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    ya if you have 1.1.3 and hold down an icon then all the icons should wiggle around... but install summerboards that is in the installer... just go to all programs and scroll down to summerboards... then you can use your finger on the main screen to roll left and right or up and down..
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    correction, its version 1.1.2

    holding down the button for 3 seconds or more doesnt do anything....

    i cant install the summerboard because my "installer" button is hidden by other buttons...

    this really majorly blows.

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    ok by "buttons" you mean application icons. they're on the second page and you're having trouble scrolling over, including your installer icon, so you can't get to it to download. i'm just repeating this because the way you've said it is confusing and i think some people have misunderstood you.

    To reboot, press and hold both the button on top (sleep/wake button) and the home button (the one on the bottom of your phone) and keep holding until the phone shuts off AND back on. when you see the apple logo, let go. and see if that fixes the problem

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    You can't fix it that way! I had to re-install the "virgin" 1.1.2 firmware, meaning I lost all the programs, settings and contacts from the phone in order to remove the additional program icons and get the Installer icon to show again.

    The first thing you should install is Summerboard, which allows you to scroll/slide to the next screen.

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    Hvala Bogdanovicu

    looks like thats the way to go...what a pissoff
    had i known u cant scroll to more icons before i installed these apps, it would have been different...

    gonna do that when i come back from school...

    and yes, u're right, your summarization was dead on.

    i did try the reboot by hodling the power and home button it restored it but the icons were still there

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    ah i didn't realize that you can't scroll to the next page on that firmware without summerboard installed. you should definitely use this opportunity to upgrade your phone to the newest firmware. there are tons of guides out there on how to do that. good luck

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    Default problem on my iphone
    hi i have i phone 2g 8gb firmware 1.1.2 which i have unlocked so i cant change my firmware and have a problem of scrolling through my apps i have downloaded the apps from installer . my apps and installer icons have disapeared and i need help getting it back and i want the thing that lets me scroll through the apps.from the main page.

    please help!!!!!!!!!

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    upgrade to 2.2.1 you can unlock it with quickpwn for windows and pwnage tool for mac, Google it

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