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Thread: A few buggy problems.

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    Default A few buggy problems.
    I have a jailbroken iPhone 2G currently running on 2.2 (Unlocked, with Boost mobile Australia)

    Today I received 3 text messages at once, 2 had been sent earlier that day and one had been sent the previous day. I get reception around my home (barely any but enough) and when I go to school I get plenty so it's not a problem with reception.

    Also when I send a text message it can sometimes come out incomplete on the other side, or even weirder it replaces the first half of a message with part of a message I have already sent the same person. Incomplete messages were happening before I restored to 2.2 but not the second thing.

    Also my iPhone had a problem the other day, the screen was locked and I couldn't unlock it, I pressed all the buttons but nothing happened. Once I got my friend to text me the screen unlocked and all the buttons I had pressed had their effect (silent mode went on, etc). After restarting my phone the problem was gone, but I'm worried about it.

    Another one time problem I had was when I was downloading MySMS from Cydia, my phone spontaneously reset after getting a f.unny screen at the bottom. MySMS downloaded fine after that, but again still concerning.

    Is there an explaination to these problems and proper ways to fix them, or should a restore solve my problems?

    Help is appreciated!

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    im afraid i cant offer any help to fix your problems, but i too have found a lot of bugs since upgrading to 2.2... My push email seems to have totally stopped working, plus my mini controls for the ipod often fail to make the ipod start playing, or mute the audio when I plug the iphone into a charger.

    a right pain...

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    Default Auto Correct Not Working
    I just updated to 2.2.1 and noticed a few days later that nothing on typing works. It doesn't remember nothing and the double tap to "." isn't working either. Any suggestions I have reset the keyboard dictionary with no change, could it be SBSettings interfering? The only thing that does work on Keyboard is if I put in a "." manually it Auto Capitalizes.

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