Hey all, I have been searching for a few hours and still haven't gotten any solid answers.... so here goes.

(I will accept a link if the info is somewhere else! )

I am trying to connect to the internet via ad hoc, a USB wireless adapter, and an xp machine)

I have had it working, but not consistently, so I don't know what I did right and/or wrong, and now I can't get it working again.

-I bridge my wired and wireless connection
-Set up WEP (because I need to trust me)
-Have both connections connect auto. to IP
-specify ad hoc in both places

NOW SOMETIMES it works flawlessly for hours.... and sometimes I get the signal on phone, but Safari throws an error, Pandora, etc.

Is there one thing I get lucky on when it works for awhile and I mess it up later? How can I configure it to automatically connect when in range? Thanks for any help it's getting frustrating that I have had it working, but not always.


xp machine
3G 2.2 jailbroken