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Thread: can kiss my .....

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    Default can kiss my .....
    ... ***... why cant the phone just receive MMS's directly? its the F*#&ing worst when i get a MMS and i have to log in via computer to see what it is. also, its only up for a limited amount of time so if i have an old message that i forgot to check i cant do so cuz its too old.... AND the log in ID's that they give you suck ***, you cant even tell what the letters are. for example: my latest MMS i was told to log in using the following id... from what it looks like:


    now i cant tell if it is

    o1L3Ljofs, o1i3ijofs, o1i3Ljofs, o1L3ijofs, o1|3|jofs, etc....

    ive tried them all and i still cant log in... kiss my *** apple!


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    amen brotha

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    I second that amen and raise a hallelujah.

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    amen as well
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    I have never gotten that website to work!!!! It sucks *$$!!

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    Did you guys try swirlymms for the iPhone, it can receive MMS now

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    yea, i actually just installed it. but there is a catch... for AT&T customers you need to call up AT&T and have them activate MMS on your phone. then SwirlyMMS will work. until then we are SOL... and i dont know which is more of a pain in the ***... going to that website or calling AT&T

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    man that sucks for u at&t users. that is just dumb in my eyes! plans are outrageous too...thank u tmobile and thank u ziphone once again athough i have been unlockin since 1.0.2

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